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Shocking Volkswagen Advert

One in four car accidents last year were due to texting behind the wheel. A massive 1.6 million crashes were caused cell phone use, last year alone.
In an attempt to send a message, Volkswagen has put together this video that was played in Cinema’s all around Beijing.

The video shows a group of teens entering a theatre to watch a film. The lights dim and the screen turns on, displaying a video of a man going for a drive. What seems like a boring advert, quickly changes to a scene far too many of us are familiar with. Around halfway through the ad, a system is used to send a text message to every cell phone in the theatre.
People began to look down, when suddenly the car on the screen above them crashes into a tree, suggesting what might happen if they use their cellphones while driving.

Volkswagen says that it’s considering making similar message videos for audiences in other parts of the world.

  • Swamp-dweller

    Absolutely brilliant. The looks on every-ones face when they realized what had just (almost) happened. Kudos VW.

  • BecOz

    Wait… they sent a message to everyone’s phone in the cinema?? That’s some scary technology in the hands of the ad agency.

  • The Baz

    Obviously safer than not doing it then with odds of 3 to 1.

  • Peter Lewis

    That is a clever advert, the penalties for using a mobile phone whilst driving are a joke.
    Anything that physically takes your hand of the steering wheel, distracts your attention from the road in front, should carry a serious penalty, the kind that would scare the living day lights out of the average law abiding driver.

    Drive on any busy road, in any large city and you eventually lose count of those using a phone whilst driving.
    It’s like those exceeding the 70mph motorway speed limit, there are simply too many drivers for the police to stop.

    A mandatory prison sentence and substantial fine should be automatic.

    Currently it’s a fine and points, BIG DEAL.
    Tell that to the next pedestrian you knock down in the road because your attention was distracted.