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Killer Whale vs Great White Shark

Although you wouldn’t picture whales as the most fearsome of sea creatures, the killer whale is not the kind of predator a great white shark would want to mess with.

This story may seem a bit far fetched at first, killer whales are known to spend up to 60% of their time hunting for food, every day.

A daily diet of at least 5% of their body weight in meat is required to survive.Β This coupled with a max speed of 30 miles per hour can almost certainly justify the killer whale’s predisposition as one of the most vicious predators roaming our seas. Look out, great white sharks, you’re on the menu too!

  • melblitzer

    The anthropomorphization of Orcas and Great Whites in this video is embarrassingly bad. The characterization of sharks as the “big bad bullies” of the sea and the orcas as the smart tuxedo suited heros does a disservice to both sharks and orcas and promotes, once again, the total bias against the shark which remains a fast disappearing and critical part of the ocean’s eco system. That the National Geographic Society would endorse this kind of distorted view demonstrates the continuing “Disneyfication” of that once admired institution.

    • Gerald Dobronov

      Thanks for bringing this sad fact up. Unfortunately these days Nat Geo has to compete with the internet and had to lower their standards for the doofuses, who need action and flash on a continuous basis. They’re the ones who snap up the sponsors products, so they have to cater to them.

    • Joeygeorge

      Thee extinction of all shark species will cause no damage to the world.
      Just as the extinction of T rex, and quite a few dinosaurs , etc etc etc has no consequence, as space is created for new species.
      The number of extinct species is greater in number than the number of presently existing species.

      • Save_the_Dodo!

        What magnificent insight! Where did you do your PhD at? I’d be very interested in reading your doctorial thesis. Clearly YOU are far more intelligent then the many biologists and ecologists out there who’ve spent their entire lives studying the intricacies of nature.
        /sigh end sarcasm.
        I get it. You don’t like sharks and you don’t understand why we need sharks. Hence you’re trying to find a way to justify feeling like they should all be wiped out. Consider these points…
        1. Many would consider the loss of entire phylum (all of the sharks) damage to the world – for no more reason then we lost all the dang sharks! Sharks do play a role in the ecosystem. But I’ll admit I don’t know enough about the many species of sharks to speak intelligently on the subject.
        2. Creatures specialize gradually, over time, to fill niches and roles in the environment. Suddenly losing all of the sharks in the world won’t mean that room opens up for sort of new jellyfish – manta ray species to pop up and take its place. What it would mean is unpredictable havoc in the ecosystem as natural population checks and balances no longer exist.
        3. Yes, the number of extinct species is greater then the number of presently existing species. Mostly because we’ve had a number of great mass extinctions and there have been a whole heck of a lot of species.

        • da what

          sarcastic fudpucker,

          sounds like you

        • Demps

          if its meant to be it will be

        • Herman Tank

          Not sure where the person mentioned they didn’t like sharks and felt they needed to be wiped out. Where did you get your GED at?

      • Pperfexty


        • Luap

          and you…well you are just a crude and angry moron.

      • gmarmot

        Joeygeorge: You Sir, are an ignorant idiot. I guess you could also say that in another several billion years the earth will be engulfed by our sun as it expands, so it makes absolutely no difference what we do now.

      • Jakob

        The extinction of idiots and ignorants like you WON’T CAUSE any damage to the world but it will bring avails to it instead.

      • BeGe1

        I think you need to look up the definition of the word “consequence”.

      • Stu MacKenzie

        Ecology expert are you? Of course existing species vastly outnumbers extinct species. Have you any idea how long life has been evolving on this earth?
        To come out with a comment like that, then its clear you know absolutely nothing of ecology or the damage that the removal of apex predators has on an entire ecosystem.
        Take a visiit to Scotland and see for yourself just how much the ancient caledonian pine forests have dwindled to just 1% of their original size over the last 300 years, not because we were exploiting trees for wood, but because we made the wolf extinct in Scotland, and the resulting deer population explosion decimated any natural forest regeneration as they munched happily on new saplings.
        Apex predators like shark ensure healthy genes among their prey species by removing unhealthy or degenerate individuals via natural selection, and that works its way down through the entire trophic pyrmaid. Look up trophic pyramids since you clearly never heard the term before.
        If sharks become extinct, they aren’t simply going to be replaced overnight by another apex predator. It will take millions of years for another species to evolve and fill the same ecological niche. It will also take millions of years for the entire ecosystem to recover as everything else has to adapt or die out.

        • yup

          Hey Stu, why don’t you just shaddduuupp. You sound like a douche

        • Chaim Halberstam

          Err No mate it’s because of a few reasons, not least being that the stupidest government in the World governs your (my former, ) home and the Entire Island. The real Apex predator of the world HUMANITY, doesn’t need to fear the diminishment of other predators if we get to ‘pickup the slack,’ so to speak, which in the case of Scotland would be the REVERSE of a gun hunting ban- (YES we ALL know you Scots can’t be trusted with guns, certainly not after Dunblane,) and perhaps exploding a few hundred deer skulls during hunting season would both help the Tree’s out and curb the bloodluster’ among you to not shoot up school yards and get your guns banned in the 1st place, which turned you lot back from predator to prey- In fact I say, bring the wolves back to munch on YOU LOT, if you miss em sooo much.

      • mac carrol

        No consequence? If you believe that, you don’t even know what the word “no” means.

      • Mama Bear

        You may want to do some actual research about that (and, yes, there IS some). Shark extinction would lead to the collapse of the entire ecosystem.

      • TomR

        You complete and utter dickhead.
        Try this: http://www.elasmo-research.org/conservation/collapse.htm

        • Chaim Halberstam

          Wow do you really think he is? That would be amazing and far more worthy of conservation efforts in my opinion, just think, we needn’t worry about Hammerhead Sharks, Dikheaded Humans…the mind boggles

          • TomR

            Not sure what you mean.
            Joeygeorge proved, beyond all reasonable doubt, he is a complete and utter dickhead.
            He, and the many other dickheads that trash our planet, do NOT need conserving.
            A planned programme of extinction of their sub-species of H. sapiens would be most appropriate.

      • farthead

        I will hunt you down chop off your balls and force you to eat them

      • Jchast98

        Are you honestly retarded. Without the loss of certain species we wouldn’t have evolved. Obviously your a religion based person because you would know this otherwise.

      • Max Pascua

        survival thru natural selection

      • Dan

        Not only did you incorrectly spell the very first word of your dribble, that word was the.

      • Frank

        What a tit you are

    • acer

      Relax Melblitzer, nature always finds balance, even if not in the time frame we like, we humans won’t rule the earth forever.

    • Jade Logan

      I think when the narrator was describing sharks he was using the stereotypical view on sharks on how everyone thinks sharks are the apex predator of the sea and to make it extra shocking that an orca, which is a popular animal that people relate to Free Willy, could kill a shark. If you watch the whole documentary it gets better. It describes both great white shark’s and orca’s feeding habits, intelligence, natural instincts, etc. It does descibe the great white shark in a better light.

  • Mark Page

    The much smaller cousins of the Killer Whale, dolphins and porpoises, do well against sharks, it’s all down to the smarts a mammalian brain has over a fish brain (apparently).

    • thecrisp

      Actually, great whites dine on dolphins. They have been found in the stomachs of great whites.

      • Mark Page

        Yes, but not all sharks are great white’s are they?

  • Big Mike

    Really enjoyed this vid! The voice over guy and his embarrassing overdramatisations concealed some of the facts, but I figured them out by listening to the experts interviewed.
    Dear Bill Blake: New information > Alliteration. This formula applies to all your viewers.

  • Balatonian

    I am for the orcas; have never been a friend of sharks.

    • JQWalrustitty

      Yep, this article is a load of shite.

  • abnaeb

    A none story. No-one actually saw the Orca attack a great white shark. The tourists saw one eating a dead Great White.
    None of the “experts” have seen such an attack either, they only speculate on what might be possible.

    I did see a TV wildlife programme years ago which showed Dolphins killing a large shark which was threatening their pod.

    • jmcgladr

      I have been to wildlife presentations on this topic. There is a whole population of “offshore” Orcas which live primarily off of sharks. This is known to happen. Biologists studying this Orca population have noticed that their teeth were worn down to nubs from tearing into sandpaper-like shark flesh.


      • JQWalrustitty

        Ooh, what channel was it on! Please please please!

        • jmcgladr

          It was a live presentation, by a wildlife naturalist. Sorry!

    • Twyfordbucks

      Actually there is a video of several Orcas chasing, surrounding, killing and dismembering a Great White shark and it was shown on UK television last week. The shark swam straight towards the boat with the camera and there was a very clear view of one Orca biting off the upper part of its tail while another rammed it’s abdomen.

      • JQWalrusstitty

        What UK tv channel was it? I’d love to see it!

  • jmcgladr

    Interesting video, but lots of digs at the Great White Shark that don’t need to be in there. Sharks are not evil, and they’re not especially dangerous to humans most of the time. That attitude is why sharks are being killed in such great numbers for things as stupid as shark fin soup. Sharks play a really important role in the marine ecosystem, like all predators.


      Shark fin soup is not stupid, it is DELICIOUS

      • bill

        You know, its twats like you that make me feel ashamed to be human.

  • britblue

    is this the worst voiceover ever??!! – nasty stupid shark, brainy mammal orca!
    utterly riuns the video!

  • The_nature_fan_Wooooo

    You guys are blowing this waaayy out of proportion. I don’t think it is made to look one good and the other bad. It is something that happens in nature and I think it’s pretty cool they captured it on film. Just take it for what it is. A great shot of nature being at the right place, at the right time.

  • Luap

    Why, oh why, do they keep perpetuating the Killer Whale name. They are Orca’s… a member of the dolphin family. Not frigging whales. Anybody who keeps on using that title is a dick… and needs to (cough, cough) free willy. bad pun totally intended.

    • Cryer

      They are Whales. Dolphins are Whales. Please don’t comment misinformation.

      • GG No Ree

        Dolphins are mammals. Whales are mammals. That does not mean that dolphins are whales.
        “Killer Whale” is a misnomer, and the politically correct term is “orca”. Please go back to school.

        • Cryer

          Excuse me? Please, you are the one who needs to go back to school. I am a biological scientist currently working in the research department of a university. Killer Whales and Dolphins are both in the suborder: Odontoceti. Meaning “toothed whales”.
          Both Killer Whales (Orca) and Dolphins are whales.

          • Michael Caine

            Cryer, I have looked up many websites and they ALL seem to confirm what Luap says and suggest that Orcas are Dolphins but that Dolphins are closely related to whales. I know websites are not always accurate so can you please point us to a serious Scientifically based websites which confirms that Dolphins are in fact Whales rather than the more common belief that Dolphins are Dolphins and Orcas are part of the Dolphin family? Thanks in advance.

          • Cryer

            Look up any website regarding scientific nomenclature. Dolphins and Killer Whales (Orca) are both in the suborder Odontoceti. It is clear to me that you haven’t actually looked this up very thoroughly at all because if you had you would know that there is no such thing as “the Dolphin family”. There are several families containing Dolphins. They are all within the suborder Odontoceti (toothed whales) as are Killer Whales. I find it very hard to believe that you have found any websites which contradict this.

            All Killer Whales and Dolphin species are within the suborder Odontoceti (toothed whales) and are therefore whales (it wouldn’t let me post a link for some reason but I was going to post a link to the ADW animal diversity page on Orcinus orca as that has it laid out clearly).

          • Michael Caine

            By googling ‘Odontoceti’ I got formal confirmation of the information you mentioned. I was getting erroneous information by putting in a different google search about Orcas and Dolphins. Thanks for the clarification and good luck in your research into these fascinating species.

          • Cryer

            You’re very welcome. πŸ™‚

    • jojo

      orca means whale???

    • Seriously

      Because it’s the accepted common name that’s been used for decades… Get over it…

      • Luap

        Oh right… so, all those other creatures that were taxinomically incorrectly named and were reclassified should go back to their old names? Dumb.

        • thecrisp

          Common names and scientific names are two different things. If we used scientific names the story would be about the Orcinus orca that killed a Carcharodon carcharias.

        • Spanka

          No, because you were incorrect in the first place and Cryer’s statements are accurate. For anyone else reading this, copy and paste


          Into a search box. Read the first 2 paragraphs of any search result you care to name, so long as it doesn’t look like a blog (perhaps like this site? oh why am I here!?)

          Luap – you are average. You make ignorant statements of “fact” that are shown to be wrong, so you ignore the correcting response totally. You then pick up a slightly different argument on the same topic and deliver a single insulting, one-“sentence” response. Your almost-sentence attempted to introduce a new word to the world, before paring it up with other words that…well…didn’t quite fit. “that were taxinomically incorrectly named” – oh dear.

          You finish with a flat condemnation of “dumb”, while strangely not noticing that your response was malformed and failed to have any relevance to Seriously’s initial statement. Are you running for public office sir? As thecrisp points out, taxonomical classifications are nothing to do with public usage.

          Please be careful on the internet. You are likely contagious.

    • Conrad Verner

      You are incorrect. While Orca’s are apart of the Delphinidae family you are incorrect on what that means.
      Delphinidae family includes all ocean dolphins but ocean dolphins are apart of the suborder Odontoceti which means toothed whales. This means that all ocean dolphins, which Orca’s are apart of, are whales but not all whales are ocean dolphins.

      Also, keep in mind that not all whales are apart of the same suborder. Humpback whales (baleen whales) and Orca’s (teethed whales) are not apart of the same suborder and diverged from each other along time ago. This means that Orca’s have a lot more in common with other Dolphins, Sperm Whales and Beaked Whales (members of the sub order Odontoceti) then they do with Humpback Whales or Grey Whales (members of the sub order Mysticeti).

      Kingdom > Phylum > Class > Order > Suborder > Family > Genus > Species

  • Jeff Phillips

    What the “99 Unbelievably Sexy Pictures You Gotta See” – realy? do I realy? what modern guy sees?

    • Robs Page

      HEY ! HEY ! HEY !

  • Tom Oakley

    The fact that they included footage from Jaws tells me everything I needed to know about the quality of this report

  • Seriously

    I couldn’t deal with the narrator. Who wrote that drivel?

  • Joe Dixon

    What a poorly done video that tells nothing. It looks like it was made by a kindergarten class!

  • GG No Ree

    This website has ruined its image with the number of spam articles and adverts.

    • RIck_James

      +1 sir.

  • Chris

    Just to say the killer whale is actually a dolphin

    • Conrad Verner

      And dolphins are whales so I am not sure what your point is.

      Just saying, it’s like calling a human being an ape.

  • Shark Eater

    Shark fanboys goes down to rank number 2 hahaha

  • Sandude

    The world would be a safer place without sharks, snakes, spiders, muzzies and other dangerous creatures

    • bert

      The world would be a better place without humans as they are the most dangerous creature of all, what with there greed and self importance. A world full of animals is a better world full of horrible humans.

      • Bill

        So go kill yourself

        • Rick James

          What if I’m the only righteous/good one? Kill everyone and swim with the Dolpins into eternity…

          Wait, I hear they (the dolphins) are pretty nastty sonsofbitches too

        • farthead

          I like to fart

    • Rick James

      to your point… it would beez way safer without humans and atomic bombs too

  • Larry

    Having lived on the seas for 23yrs I See no usefulness of keeping Sharks alive more important to STOP dumping sewage into the seas billions of tons daily throughout the world causing so many eco problems ice caps melting coral reefs dying sea levels rising methane gases rising into the atmosphere sea life being poisoned including mercury levels rising the shark can be used for many uses including fish food

    • Conrad Verner

      Having lived on the lands for 31 years I see no usefulness in you, Larry.

  • labillyboy

    shark tastes a lot like swordfish… yum! Never eaten whale…

    • bert

      Why do you have to eat shark bellend.

  • Susan

    I just know killer whales have no natural enemies in the sea world!

  • TMS

    Sharks is bitches. I shoot tht bitch shark in its face.

  • JojnJ

    your comments makes me think I should take a boat out and start freediving with
    sharks. The fact they are likely to eat me appears to be an inconvenient
    truth best ignored. Sharks have a role to play in the eco system and have
    to be respected for what they are – perfect killing machines. But let’s
    not get carried away – for humans exposed to open water they are a
    nightmare. Of course you’ll come back with evidence of ‘friendly killer’
    sharks. One response – the Indianapolois in WW2. Sadly those guys aren’t
    here to add to the discussion – sharks ate them…

  • Spanka

    Dolphins are whales – didn’t know that! Haha. Sweet – learned something new! Thanks Cryer. Seems like the Odontoceti feature a large number of…umm…physiological deviations from other whales, fish or marine life generally. Almost like they’re now on their own evolutionary railway. Anyways, a good read!

    Mr Caine – to clarify you situation (I’m a search engine guy – so figured I’d explain πŸ™‚

    What you search for essentially “pre-classifies” the tone & quality of sites you’ll get. Millions of folks search every minute and the data is easy to mine & report for website owners. Soon as you search for “Odontoceti”, you excluded most of the b****shit sites that have no clue. They don’t mention the subspecies by name, because their target customers/visitors never search on it.

    Basically, searching for specific, scientific or industry-terminology improves results drastically. Your search results were most likely 75% or better sourced from academia & science industries. Universities. R&D, biology think tanks, conservationists – you know – the people who know stuff. Why? Odontoceti is probably mentioned frequently if their business/concern is regarding that species.

    But most of the junk sites on the net? They just want a few advertising bucks. And that means they target what the average Joe searches for. Even without research, I can tell you “orca” and “killer whale” will be far more prevalent than “Odontoceti”. If I sell coca-cola, but everyone types “soda” into google when they want a drink, my site talks about soda. I write about what YOU buy, not what I sell.

    Gees I’m crap at this stuff πŸ˜› Maybe it helped.

  • herb benty

    Killer whales rule! Period. God bless ’em.

  • Karl

    What a load of DSL. The shark was already dead and the orca was doing what comes naturally, eating.

  • Karen Deppe

    I have heard that scientists want to record the sounds of orcas to use as a deterrent to Great White Sharks because they are the only creatures that prey on Great White Sharks and the only creatures Great White sharks are afraid of. It is a scientific fact that Orca are quite capable of it. I love both sharks and Orca. Using deterrent is much more humane than what our government is currently doing with drum lines and killing sharks.

  • Stephen Powell

    There are too many people in the world. Nature is about to take care of that.

  • Rick James

    “Apex predators like sharks ensure healthy genes among their prey species by removing unhealthy or degenerate individuals via natural selection, and that works its way down through the entire trophic pyramid.”

    Ok, so… how about this… Apparently Sharks are not as high on this pyramid as some people think, and are also subject to the same ‘natural selection’…

    PS… hmm, wait… sharks are going extinct? Is it because of that delicious soup or what’s the deal? Killer whales are also going extinct (I thought..)…. so uhmm, self-regulating ticking timebomb? or soon neither will be strong enough to fend for itselfs?

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch… I’m sure there’s a plethora of other issues that hit a little ‘closer to home’ in which to exercise some expertise… no? How about the widespread use of antibiotics these days? You want to talk about killing stuff..!

  • Guest


  • EveretteDavid

    Thence the name: killer whale

  • Fitzy

    Sharks are the serpents of the sea. They never smile. They look like our driving license photos. They live to eat! They wander about as if they want to either kill or commit suicide. I think it’s because they have bad breath, and long for the day when they can have their teeth straightened. For me, feed them grenades inside dead chickens, and watch them fart, sonicically…

  • greg w

    why isit gooks like sharkfin soup,tiger penis, birds nests, rhino horn, SHARKS FINS :S, dogs, cats, and just about anything rare. not to mention draining a bears insides while its kept alive, im pretty sure some of those slanty eyed motherfuckers have lost the plot