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Pentagon Admits The F-35 Fighter Jet is a Failure

The world’s most expensive weapon, the 400 billion dollar F-35 Joint Strike Fighter – an aircraft, whose price skyrocketed thanks to additional funding. Plagued by delays, massive budget overruns, the jet even left its financial backers underwhelmed. And to cover the costs, the plane’s now being sold to foreign buyers.

Even the designer of the popular F-16 Fighter says that the F-35 is the worst plane ever designed. You can see the interview with him in the video below.


The Entire Fleet of F-35 Fighter Jets have been grounded again due to a crack in the engine of one plane.

Here is an excerpt from Aviation Week.

The entire F-35 fleet is being grounded owing to an engine issue, to avoid what U.S. Naval Air Systems Command (Navair) calls a potential “catastrophic failure.”

A crack on the 3rd stage low-pressure turbine airfoil was found Feb. 19 during an inspection of a conventional F-35A at Edwards AFB, Calif., says Matthew Bates, a spokesman for Pratt & Whitney, which makes the stealthy, single engine fighter’s F135engine.

  • JHR1956

    $400 billion for what amounts to a piece of junk? Somebody needs to answer for this.

    • mjh49783ab

      Sure. We’ll stick this on the bucket list along with the 2008 economic implosion, and the 2003 illegal Iraq invasion, too. Still waiting to hear answers from those.

    • John Levine

      Don’t worry about the accounting(joke) worry about all of the subtle changes already taking place to pay for this fiasco. Have you tried to buy Beef, gasoline, milk, bread, cigs, health insurance,ect,ect . We are paying for this turkey of a plane most just don’t realize it yet.

      • michael barnes

        you do realize that you’re an idiot don;t you ?

        Noooo, don;t protest.. it’s okay to be the class clown… let your moron flag fly…just know in your heart so that as you try to fool the people… you don’t lose yourself in your own tripe.

        • John Levine

          You sir, Are the Idiot. One of the New AMERIKA SHEEP . they have already molded you into a socialist/ commie sub moron who suckles off the socialist teet. you are far to stupid to waste my time with anymore, Go get some Obamacare and 3.80 a gallon gas and try to have a cookout with 4.00 per pound hamburger. CRETAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • michael barnes

            that’s right….breathe…let it all out….. don’t start pulling hair and kicking sand again..use your words. everything wrong with america’s economy for the ;ast 20 years was only in anticipation of the development of this one plane,,, no wait… not just america.. the whole world.. after all… there are places that would love only 3.80 a gallon for petrol. it’s all… *breathe in *… that daggone *breathe out * rafinskrafin #$&@$ F-35.

            if it wasn’t for… grrrrr…. that turkey… life would be a dream…..grrr.. and them thar’ socialists…..GGGRRRRR…. ( a blood vessel bursts and suddenly the posts stop littering my mailbox )


  • Frank

    Umm, the plane isn’t a failure or a piece of junk. It’s actually the most advanced and capable multi-mission fighter ever produced.

    It’s a failure from a program standpoint because it’s so far over-budget.

    If you don’t know anything please don’t comment.

    • mjh49783ab

      Of course it’s a pile of s***. You’re blind if you can’t see it for what it is.

      • michael barnes

        you come here just to play devil’s advocate don;t you… the entire thread.. and not only this one.. is littered with your subversive overflow.

        • mjh49783ab

          Wow! Is that all you got? Can’t refute the facts, so you need to call me a ‘subversive’?

          Face it. The F-35 is a fat turkey that will never fly, and it’s an egregious money pit to boot. Time to scrap it for a better design, and perhaps the bones from this dead carcass will at least be worth something.

          • michael barnes

            Refute the facts ?…. it’s quite clear that you have already weighed and dismissed anything anyone that isn’t on FOX news says before it is even spoken so why bother ?

            You undoubtedly erase the fact that it IS flying as we speak. You Clearly see the need to waste more money to START a new project ( you got stock in those companies or something ?).

            By all means… build a better design… and then build one better than that… but for the love of all that is holy… sell a few of these to spread out the cost of development. heck… worst case scenario ..do like the idiots in congress suggested.. just start evaluating a different engine for this one.. but start over ?

            Gawd.. you;re pretty good… you got me trying to reason with you despite my instincts.

          • mjh49783ab

            If this was a private enterprise investing in this project, the shareholders would be demanding the heads of the CEO, and everyone involved with this failed project. Only because of the fact of government involvement, has the F-35 project been allowed to go for double the budget, for such an underperformer with serious engine issues, made all the more serious due to the aircraft’s single engine design. Therefore, the taxpayers have every right to demand the heads of those involved in this failed misadventure, because we’re the ones that are paying for it.

            I advocate starting over, while you advocate propping up a continuing failure. ‘Nuff said.

            And really. Fox News? C’mon. I read news sources that are actually credible. Fox News is not news.

          • michael barnes

            Indeed you are correct on the private enterprise analogy, but government contracts have always been exactly as this one is, bloated. As wrong as it is, they have created a closed system where they feed each other millions and millions of our dollars.

            My issue is the evaluation on the plane. Let’s discuss the single engine design. Seems less complex to me, less to maintain and the second engine concepts that were in competition only used the secondary engine to power the VTOL portion. That means the main engine is doing nothing during that phase.. why is that a good thing ?

            Maybe it was a valuable option at one time but they made a decision and it’s billions of dollars too late to second guess it… IF this design works.

            Next let’s discuss the engine failure itself. That was determined to be a single event. A turbine rubbed and started a fire. No one knows exactly why but not a single other plane shows any chance of repeating the failure. Did I miss some other failure ?

            Finally, let’s not completely ignore my main point.. this is OLD NEWS… the engine fire was months ago and has been painstakingly evaluated. It doesn’t seem to be a design flaw and the planes are NOT grounded and being delivered to the purchasing countries. This article eludes that it is something new. Big news… but what it is in reality is an attempt to sway public opinion by deception. The public at large, of course, bit …hook line and sinker.

            Seriously, you build a car.. try a new tire out for size..it doesn’t work as well as you hoped.. do you start a new car or solve the problem at hand as cost effectively as possible. Your solution makes an overbudget exponentially worse with no gaurantee of success.

    • Derek Robinson

      What with a cracked engine … Maybe rolls Royce can make you an engine.

    • hoipoloi

      @ Frank, You know better than the designer of the F-16?
      You know better than the U.S. Naval Air Systems Command?
      Maybe you are the one who should not comment.

      • Frank

        @hoipoloi:disqus, what does the F-16 have to do with the F-35? These jets have as much in common as a DC-8 and a Boeing 787. Like I said in my original comment, the program is clearly a failure (not even an argument) and I’m not advocating continuing down the road towards budget hell, I’m just saying that the design is not inherently flawed. The Osprey was at one point discussed in this fashion and it worked out alright.

        • hoipoloi

          @ Frank, My point, which you seem to have missed, is that
          your credentials don’t compare well with the two sources I mentioned. If they think the plane’ a flop, who are you to correct them?

    • michael barnes

      cheers…. the sheeple won’t even understand that because the comment is clear and standing still waiting to be weighed… they are more receptive to the shiney spinning objects like this article itself.

    • Daryl Cohen

      i like ,i like

  • Dennis Conboy

    it might be the most advanced but “the jet even left its financial backers underwhelmed.” it is a failure.

  • Susan Beatrice Karimchise

    I think the age of jet fighter planes which are piloted by humans is drawing to a close.
    Autonomous drones are the next logical step.

    • michael barnes

      sure they have their place, just as machines can build your car… up to a point.. but they will never replace the workers

  • DougLord

    Only in the government would this project be allowed to continue. I’m sure we will throw hundreds of billion more at it, and end up with something that barely flys.

    • mjh49783ab

      Sorry. The government has better things to do these days than governing, What has Congress done in the past six years anyway, other than Jack ****?

      • Martin Macdonald

        The less government does the better. Unfortunately they don’t refund our money. But you don’t pay taxes so you are okay.

        • Uncle Samual

          STOP being so apathetic to what YOUR government is doing with YOUR taxes, and (more importantly) in YOUR name!!!!!

          Btw, I have yet to come across a single person in America that doesn’t pay taxes, we all do, in one way or another. All federal taxes end up in the same pot, its called “The American War Machine”.

  • fred

    Overpriced junk??..maybe. Better than wasting that money on useless and lazy career welfare trash and illegal foreign squatters

    • mjh49783ab

      With that line of thinking, no wonder the country is a joke.

    • john smith

      Typical response of useless piece of junk as more value to you than a human. That is why you demand no abortions so that the child can suffer. I further assume you claim to be god fearing and it shows by your response. Typical hypocrite.

    • Little Big Toe

      Agreed… they should just give the money to the Native American Indians!

      Those god damned white foreign squatters need to be kicked out of Chinchay Awya Yala. They’ve been here for far too long now and need to be sent back to their native lands in Europe!!!

  • John Levine


    • Derek Robinson

      So you Americans thought you could design a V/STOL did you 😀

      • John Levine

        Yeah I hear you Derek. We even had to go to the british to even attempt this. The f-35 was doomed from the start. It was and is a great Fat turkey that puts lots of hush hush money in a lot if politicians and contractors private bank accounts. If there ever was a description of a pork barrel project,,, This is it. We also have a (well, whatever he is) I believe an al quaida mole trying to eviscerate our military and make a two theatre war impossible to sustain. The F-22 can do ALL that is needed for the next 30+ years. This OBADINGUS has shut down the production lines. what does that tell you. I’m even surprised that the OSPREY even flies and lands in a v-stol manner. I was sure that MANY troops would have been killed by now. As for the f-35, just shove it in the oven for 3 hours at 400 degrees At least maybe we can eat the damn thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Derek Robinson

          I was being a bit toungue in cheek there.
          I think the project has been ‘designed’ for want of a better word by everyone except aircraft designers. It is a testament to the Politicians of our age. Overbloated, hard of thinking, demanding, self interested dullards who have little knowledge or interest of what actually goes on in the real world or indeed how it happens. I wouldn’t want any of them to run a coconut shy.
          It seems to me (and I am of a left thinking persuasion and certainely no supporter of the Republicans or Americas foriegn policies) that Obhama has been a major dissappointment in many ways. It could have been worse though, the thought of some of your Republicans chills me to the bone to be honest.
          We British have had similar problems in the past and aircraft design is indeed very tricky, and like your problems it’s not the engineering at fault, it’s the interference and demands for the design to be changed on an hourly basis.
          The abiliy of Private companies to suck the life out of the Taxpayer is well known to us all.
          We have just completed our biggest ever Aircraft carrier and have no aircraft to go on it. It is therefore unusable until at least 2020 !!
          I have worked for an American company (not military) so it should be surprising to see the sort of financial overuns happen that have befell British designs at times but:
          I used to work for for a British company that built aircraft and military hardware so I am aware of the rubbish that goes on.

  • Teller-Ulam239

    Just last week and article in the paper read “100 Billion overspent on unemployment in 2013”. I’m sure there will be more to come.

  • Gwen O. Dawn

    I bet some wish they’d have gone with the Boeing X-32 instead… or maybe neither and not render the already expensive F-22 obsolete so early.

  • Dominick Fabriano

    You paid for it : The F-35 is total failure whereas the F-16 being one of the greatest fighters ever developed by the United States are being utilized as pilotless drones for target practice over the gulf of Mexico..It all makes sense now..

    • Derek Robinson

      The F16 had more than it’s share of problems.

  • Stewart Hughes

    non sense, they are hiding the thruth, the plane is good but expensive staff…

    • michael barnes

      thank you for seeing SOME attempt at deception here.

    • John Thompson

      When the aircraft has been in service for say, 2 years, the comments in favour of the F35, it’s reliability, performance and value to the air forces who fly, it can be put forward and considered. Until then all favourable statements are purely wishful thinking. The aircraft display at Farnborough a week or two ago had to be cancelled to to it not being airworthy, not a good advert for American technology.

  • MicT

    What a moronic article! Their quote was speaking of a “catastrophic failure” ofth e ENGINE!!! not the plane…

    • michael barnes

      the article is way behind the times… ONE engine had an issue and none of the others show any signs of repeating it. A turbine blade was scraping.. not sure why… something got bent, somehow… quality control should have caught it before it was an issue but unless the same moron drops his wrench in every engine when he’s installing it ( or whatever the true cause was ).. it’s not a failure of the engine design.. the engine itself actual performs beautifully and meets all expectations.

      maybe the HUB helmet has a few kinks still, maybe they have to work out some logistics with getting all planes in the network to play nice together.. maybe there is some learning curve.. but it works.

      Too darned expensive but that’s the good ole’ boys playing dice with our taxes. if it wasn’t this plane it would be some other project.

  • Duhnmharu

    Shut it down, then place orders with China for their F35 knock off. After all they stole plans for the F35 didn’t they!!!

  • Harry Kallahan

    I can’t remember a modern US warplane that wasn’t “doomed to failure” at some point in early production, only to later totally dominate any airspace it flew in.
    Expensive? We’ll find out when it gets into a lopsided dogfight, and we see how expensive it is for the other guys.

    • michael barnes

      bless you

  • Greg

    400 Billion, and they complain about free health care, whose the real enemy of Americans?

  • Carroll Price

    Since the F-35 was never wanted or needed by the military, the project was created to assure that huge sums of American taxpayer funds would continue being funneled into the coffers of the MIC, as they have been for the past 60 years .

    • michael barnes

      that’s the ticket… wait until AFTER we need something to even think about developing it…. I mean we can pop these things out like cupcakes right ? We just look up grandma’s recipe for planes that aren’t out flown, out gunned and out of the closet. Sounds like you go to the groceries store for one item at a time.

      • Carroll Price

        The F-16 Falcon, which has been in production for years, outperforms the F-35, as does the latest Russian and Chinese fighters. Besides, if the F-35 had turned out to be an exceptional fighter, Israel would stolen the design a long time ago and sold it to an “enemy nation”.

        • Daryl Cohen

          we only fix and then test the crap that you cant ,dont blame israel for being smarter than you

          • jollyroger

            Izrahell isn’t smarter…they’re just bigger thieves.
            Stolen nuke secrets
            Stolen aircraft secrets
            Stolen security secrets thanks to jew bastard Pollard (who should have been executed in front of a firing squad or better yet by hanging as I wouldn’t waste the America people’s money on the bullets it takes to shoot that jew scum)
            Stolen computer technology.
            Izrahell is a nation of thieves that exists by thievery. Talmudic zionists everyone.

  • zlop

    Without a reliable modern plane,
    In the coming war with Russia, how can we win?

  • Kevin Bloody Wilson

    Getting all this are we Dave,its a pile of shyte,and you have just bought a shed load to put on the new aircraft Carrier that we don’t have yet.Bet you glad you sold all the Harriers to the yanks now eh?

  • michael barnes

    What a crock. Article posted as if it was news but really all this is, the same issues we’ve known for months. it isn’t ANOTHER failure, it’s repackaging an KNOWN problem. This engine failure has been thoroughly evaluated and determined to be a one off instance.

    There is no dispute the project has gone into the stratoshere where costs are concerned. There is no doubt that there have been many many difficulties getting new systems to function and for that matter reach the production stage.

    If you are realistic about it, aren’t these kind of issues more or less expected at some level with ” groundbreaking advancements” in technology ? I think the litmus test will be.. when it’s all said and done… will it work as expected ?

    The business about bringing other countries in to help with costs was a factor since conception… it;s not a bailout. We ALWAYS sell our technology and weapons systems to other countries.. this time we just recruited them to help with the initial research and development costs.. pretty good idea if you ask me.

    Then again, since the first planes are already being delivered to other countries..even though there may be a few bugs as we pile up the hours ( always is…even in the car you drive to work ) the plane essential works… my real grievance was with the blatant attempt to influence the opinion of the masses with another article like this.

    The problems, costs, effectiveness of the plane… you make your own decision as time goes on… but if you can;t recognize the spin this article is attempting your opinion really shouldn’t matter all that much.

  • Hutin Puilo

    Jack of all trades, master of NONE! What a waste.

  • gr8risrael

    People have been saying this for the past two years, at least. The airplane just isn’t that great of a design. It has been patched so many times it doesn’t even have the same specs it started with. What bothers me the most is Israel has purchased the damn things. I hope they cancel out.

  • Rocky Racoon

    What a racket. I am so glad Canada is able to participate in this fiasco. We have the CIA inspired Inside Job NEW PEARL HARBOUR terrorist threat at our door and MUST BUY the F-35 to protect ourselves. A protection RACKET is what it is. And here I thought all you Yanks where hip to this sort of thing. I can’t believe in practically every neighbourhood in America some kind of empowerment group or organization going on and this crap still passes with jam on it. Time for America to re-invent itself. Time for a post capitalist world. This one is leading us to extinction.

  • jollyroger

    This is one of the welfare-warfare payouts attributed to Hanoi-John McCain. He initially pushed authorization through congress for the benefit of his cronies in the MIC (Military Industrial Complex).
    Now that the Pentagram has admitted the F-35 a failure, will it refund the cost back to the American people?
    Hell no!
    Military waste is one of the greatest frauds ever perpetuated on Americans. There is no accountability at all just as there is no accountability in Washington either.
    Other such examples are the X-B70 Valkyrie and the B-1 Bomber. Stealth technology has already been defeated so why bother with it? because it means money for those inside the industry.
    America’s unchecked military aggression around the globe is going to cost Americans more than just dollars; it is costing them their freedom and liberty and may also cost them their future as more and more nations have become not just resentful of Washington’s hubris, arrogance and aggression but hostile and angry as well. This is going to sooner or later, have direct consequences on Americans as they see their own safety being threatened by the possibility of real attacks of retaliation and not government created false flags.
    As America’s debt climbs past the point of no return and we see the dollar being tossed aside in favor of new trade agreements which excludes this fading currency scheme along with the continued outsourcing of good paying jobs to China and third world nations, Americans below the 1% are increasingly becoming poorer and poorer; driven into debt in order to buy into the trappings of material wealth along with the loss of good paying jobs that supported a strong middle class, we continue to witness the growth of Americans who now live at or below the poverty line.
    The government’s wasteful military programs along with its arrogant military aggression around the world which benefits only the banksters, izrahell and the MIC is going to cost the rest of us and especially our children and grand children their future of happiness, health and prosperity.
    Unless Americans stand up and demand an immediate halt to this military madness there will be no mor America as a nation of freedom and liberty but a tyrannical dictatorship as we are now seeing this becoming more so every day.
    The loss of freedom and liberty is in direct proportion to the loss of personal wealth and prosperity for the rest of Americans as government becomes more and more dictatorial.
    Soon America will more closely resemble a corporate feifdom where the vast American populace is forced to live under impoverished conditions,forced to send their young people off to fight and die in wars for the benefit of those at the top. This is a perfect example of nineteenth century England where the poor and underclass males were used to support the huge trade corporations and their massive profits at the expense of their lives.
    This is where we now stand. The only solution is to reduce the size of government as well as its bottomless purse and its means to borrow money from the worst form of monetary tyranny, the Federal reserve. This way the government will no longer have the means to perpetuate wars and maintain the more than nine hundred military bases and outposts around the globe. It will no longer have the means to create chaos and civil wars through government sponsored NGOs in sovereign states.And it will no longer be blackmailed into supporting a terrorist apartheid state that claims ownership of Palestine and most of the middle east.

    Oh and BTW they need to reopen the investigation into the missing two trillion dollars under the ahem…watchful eye of zionist neo-con Dov Zakheim, that is if the investigation doesn’t get blown up again by a “757”.

    • jollyroger

      If anyone has any other wasteful government or military boondoggles please add them to the conversation.
      Thank you.