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Growing Your Own Food at Home is now illegal!

A Disturbing new trend is emerging where people who try and live a sustainable life by growing their own food and harvesting their own energy from the sun and water from rain are now being raided by swat teams and in some cases thrown in jail.

Watch these two videos for more information regarding this new trend and make sure to let us know what you think in the comments.


If you are sensitive to profanity do not watch this one.


Update: July 2014.

prison rainwater

The Oregon man, Mr Harrington who was charged and found guilty for  collecting rainwater on his own property, started his prison sentence today. He has to serve 30 days in jail and pay a $1500 fine.

Here’s what he said.

“They’ve just gotten to be big bullies and if you just lay over and die and give up, that just makes them bigger bullies.”
“We as Americans, we need to stand on our constitutional rights, on our rights as citizens and hang tough. This is a good country, we’ll prevail,” he said.


Update June 2014:

The State of Michigan just made it illegal for residents to grow their own food and keep their own livestock at home. If you live in Michigan where there are 13 other homes within an eight of a mile to your house you may not keep chickens, beehives, grow your own food or even a goat or two.

This is an all out war on self sufficiency. You’d think that the government would encourage it’s citizens to be more self sufficient like they do in Switzerland and other countries.

  • ROB

    If it precipices freedom, health, creativity, true expression, true sustainability, balanced abundance and freedom then it will be shut down, supressed, marginalized, minimalized, lambasted, scorned, packed away, shelved, buried, side-lined, relegated, restricted, and made none existent… If it supports tyranny, slavery, control, hierarchy, pollution, destruction, corruption, contamination, death, an absurdity then it will be funded, paid for, supported, legalized, launched, advertised, promoted, backed, bought & sold and given special privileges…. operation total chaos is unleashed and has been for a while now….

    • lifeintheknow

      Well said!

    • Danidanado

      Has it EVER been any other way? LOL!

  • Bullshit. If I want to grow food, I’ll grow food – I’d like to see the law against growing food naturally. If you ask me it’s bullshit peer pressure from big chain supermarkets and GM food mf’rs who don’t want their profit for their heavily modified rubbish tampered with.

    • Joe Bloggs

      Remember the Irish Potato Famine? The trouble was that EVERYONE was allegedly growing the same species of potato, the Irish Lumper. That turned out to be a very bad idea but at the time there was probably no alternative.

      In the UK it is illegal to grow some species of potato at home presumably for this very reason. Allegedly some of the best species of potatoes need a lot of pesticides to be applied hence these can only be grown legally by farmers. A really good Old English idea was crop rotation, Wheat, turnips, barley, clover. This is a good way of fooling the pests and helping to maintain the soil, it drastically reduces the need for pesticides which of course didn’t really exist in the olden days.

      Good luck with your endevours. Incidentally over here lots of people used to grow their own and keep chickens and pigs both during and after WW2. Nowadays the “Dig For Victory” movement has virtually died out as most people prefer to go to the supermarket. Unfortunately apart from the staples of bread and milk the prices are quite obscene.

      • mac carrol

        The British gov’t interfered and wouldn’t allow the Irish to grow what they wanted. The gov’t is usually the cause of a problem.

        • Anna Laszynski

          Most Governments ARE indeed Mac. The Aussie government too is getting worse and worse, tho they aren’t as bad as the americans YET, but they are taking notes, We see, but don’t worry they won’t last long if they keep on taking notes on what the americans are doing!!!

        • BradleyHart

          It is the money that buys the governments not the governments themselves that are the problem.

          • mac carrol

            No! Money is only the tool that bad people use to influence a corrupt government.

        • tenretnitb

          Not so. Problem arose because Ireland was never a feudal country, so primogeniture (eldest son inherits the land, and the duty that went with it to provide a few basically equipped and trained fighting men when needed, which was the reason for primogeniture) was not the law. Consequently , as population increased and land holdings were divided amongst the children, the size of farms decreased. Eventually as the farms got smaller, they abandoned the rotation of crops and grew only vegetables and potatoes in an effort to feed their families. Stage now set for disaster. Growing same crops year after year depletes the land. Output decreased and crops were weakened in their resistance to disease . They also used their own crop as seed potatoes, so not even some variety. Although they knew it was a bad move to abandon rotation of crops (because get smaller yield), the scientific reasons were not known at that time. Crops became inbred and increasingly were susceptible to pests and disease. There were a few warnings (outbreaks of blight) but danger not fully recognised. All it needed now was a bad, wet year, ideal for the blight to flourish, and it was a disaster, exacerbated by the fact that the small size of the farms meant there was no alternative crop. They had made themselves totally dependent upon potatoes. No potatoes now meant starvation. The land , farmed that way, could not produce enough food.

          • Helen Martin

            Let’s not forget the Corn Laws and it wasn’t so much the eldest inheriting that caused issues but the absentee landlords which caused the problems along with the potato blight that was affecting most of Europe at the time… Those landlords raked it in while the locals did all the work for what !! The blight had the affect that it did as a higher percentage of the population depended upon the crop but Ireland was producing and exporting more than enough food to Britain that could have fed the population … At the end of the day bullies in many forms screwed them

          • tenretnitb

            I haven’t forgotten the corn laws. They have nothing to do with Potato blight in Ireland, They had nothing to do with it because they prevented the importation of cheap corn from the prairies of America. If unlimited imports were allowed then the farmers in UK would not be able to sell their corn and would be impoverished. It is true that the price of corn would be cheaper for a few years, just long enough for the importers to realise they could double the price, and consumers in UK would have to pay because it would take a year to decide to grow corn again, plough the fields and buy the seed corn and reap the crop. This is not the sort of trap any responsible government could allow their people to fall into, the total disruption of local agriculture, hence the corn laws. Further, the corn laws had no impact because imported corn had to be paid for. Which is cheaper for a farmer, grow his own corn or pay someone else to grow it for him? Are you suggesting the low acreage farmers in Ireland had the money to pay someone else to grow crops for them, and would have purchased corn from America?. If farmers were eating corn then their cheapest source is to grow it themselves, if they have the acreage available. But they did not. The certain consequence of low acreage farms is a subsistence style of life, which is why they were, foolishly but understandably, persuaded to abandon the rotation of crops and concentrate on potatoes in order to feed their families, with the stated consequences. Crops of all kinds suffer their own problems every year, dependent upon weather and good husbandry of the soil. It was unfortunate that in Ireland the system of land tenure(different from that of England, except for Kent,) resulted in low acreage farms which uniquely made them abandon rotation of crops. This is bad husbandry. The land must be nurtured if it is to produce a good crop. It is also a foolish thing to have more children than your farm can reasonably provide for. These were, undoubtedly, some of the reasons they abandoned crop rotation and concentrated on just potatoes, without a wise thought for the future. After that error, productivity would decline as the soil became impoverished. Further, crop resistance to disease depends upon whether a crop is thriving or existing. Crops cannot thrive on poor soil. The dependence upon potatoes reduced crop resistance to pests/blight. And while absentee landlords are a pain, nevertheless the blight affected all low acreage farmers, whether they owned the land or rented it. Good farming husbandry is dependent upon knowledge and good social planning to ensure farms are of sufficient size to be viable. In Ireland , many were not viable in the long term. As for exporting food, exporting cattle and sheep to market was unaffected by the blight but that is irrelevant. Even if all farmers had kept some sheep and a cow, it would not have saved them once they had abandoned the rotation of crops for dependency on potatoes, because , after that decision the potato crop must fail eventually, and they can only eat their cow (and sheep)once. Your proposition that the Irish farmers were bullied into subdividing their farms until they were reduced to subsistence farming, and that they were bullied into abandoning crop rotation and dependence on a single crop , is untenable. History shows that efforts to ensure viable farm size were made but were resisted. The principle decisions creating the disaster were made by the farmers themselves, and their chosen lifestyle. Sorry, but it was largely self-inflicted.

          • Geoff H

            According to the history I learnt at school, this sounds about right. In my post above, I didn’t actually mention the reason for the enactment of the corn laws, just that they made it too expensive to export to Ireland.

          • tenretnitb

            Subsistence farmers are impoverished farmers who can barely produce enough food for their families to survive. The majority of those Irish farmers who rejected primogeniture, and divided their farms repeatedly until they reached the condition that the only way their small acreage could produce enough food was to use every acre to produce potatoes, were doomed, because dependency upon one crop is a certain way to invite disaster when that crop fails. It didn’t matter what the price of corn was, unless it was given away free, because a subsistence farmer has no way of producing extra to sell , which would enable him to save money for the rainy day. Subsistence farmers had no cash reserve and, without any money to buy corn, the only way they would get corn was if it was given away. It wasn’t given away but, whatever the price, they could not afford it. Even if every subsistence farmer did have a cash reserve, he could only spend it once and, without a drastic change to inheritance, and to social practice, disaster was certain to follow because subsistence farmers are unable to grow sufficient to be able to save any money, consequently once any inherited wealth had been spent, the next low yield year must result in disaster. This disaster is inevitable because, even if every year produces good crops, the farmers family is growing up , and , when the father dies , and there is more than one son to inherit, the small farm will be reduced in size yet again, and this time the acreage will be too small even for subsistence farming. Starvation was inevitable without change, and they refused to change. A pennyless farmer cannot afford to buy anything, .even food. When the inevitable occurred, they sold their land for a ticket to America. That was a change. They should have ensured that farm size would enable a man to provide for his family , and to put a little aside for future contingencies.

      • Peter Simmons

        Not so; plenty of people grow their own food, from the millions of allotment growers to the thousands of self-sufficiency devotees, not to mention those who grow ‘some’ of their food in their gardens. The Irish potato famine was largely caused by the British, who exported more food from Ireland to Britain while the Irish were starving.

        • Luap

          Wrong… the Irish potatoe famine was caused by the Irish… they forgot where they planted them… ; P

        • Geoff H

          To repeat your words, not so. The corn laws that were extant in England at that time kept corn (wheat, barley etc.) at a price that prevented its export to Ireland to replace the lost potato crop.

      • terry sulivan

        are you sure its illegal;?

      • Geoff H

        Rotation also reduced the need for added artificial fertilizer, as clover is known as green fertilizer due to the nitrogenous nodules on the clover roots. They also added farm yard manure too. In the really olds they also added human excrement then known as night soil. This is still a procedure carried out in certain Asian countries.

    • Anna Laszynski

      We should be able to sue the governments of today, for not supplying us with Organic foods. INstead we have to buy Horrible Genetically Modified foods that is probably making Us sick. then They actually expect us to fund our own Health. YEH GET REal YOU lot…….. YOu’ll get yours in the End…….

    • kath


  • paul clune

    “Man goes to prison for collecting rainwater” Water is chattel property. A crime for collecting it means it belongs to those who caused the man to be gaoled – for taking “their” rain. Excellent. That means when too much of ‘their rain falls & causes a flood, they get sued to penury. Identically, when they withhold “their” rain and cause a drought, they get sued again. Quite simple really. Those who attempted the same in Oz against farmers here where advised of the imminent drought/flood writs and guess what? They gagged then ran back to their Govt desks where they continue to try and invent “make-work” schemes to fill their empty days.

    • Schmalz

      Good comment. I’d be more than happy to get involved in any such legal wranglings. Got any useful references/precedents/etc.? Sounds like an interesting and potentially growing part of law.

      • paul clune

        The matter here in Western Australia was a Govt plan to make farmers pay an annual licence fee for both their existing plus any future dams because dams capture rain water which means rain runoff into creeks, then tributaries, then rivers is reduced by those dams. After pointing out the reality of chattel property proprietorship (Who owns rainwater?) being ipso facto claimed by the dam licensor via dam licensing & the effects of too much or not enough rainfall, the matter was abandoned by Govt, As to the Irish famine – it could be a case against vast horizon to horizon mono-cultures wherein a single virus/fungus/bug lethal to a single strain/species of crop could wipe it out in hours/days. Not sure. As to bullshit however, here in Oz, most men pretty much know recognize and handle bullshit, but cowshit? Nup!

        • thinkitover

          So let the rivers and creeks dry up so that farmers can do their thing regardless of how it may hurt the environment? Sounds like the kind of thinking that has gotten us nowhere.

          • Midlandr

            You ain’t thinking.

          • JustAnEcologist

            Most Australian river systems exist in either a state of drought or flood. In drought, you could release 60 gigalitres from a reservoir, deprive local farms, towns and fauna of water, flush fish hatcheries to oblivion and not see a drop 100km downstream. This is what state governments have done in Australia, to pacify urban ‘environmentalists’ who are too lazy and arrogant to learn anything about these environments.

          • Lessynz

            I was actually with you until the “to pacify urban ‘environmentalists’ who are too lazy and arrogant to learn anything about these environments” part..that was predominately a prejudged assumption.

          • SonofLiberty7

            “Do their thing”? As in, growing the food you buy at the grocery store?
            Think it over. It doesn’t magically appear on the shelves.
            Also, if it weren’t for independent farmers, your only choice of food would be whatever soylent green the mega-corporate farms decide to contract with your local grocery chain.

          • Leslie Graham

            Like growing cotton or rice or almonds in a desert?
            That’s their thing.

          • jackcandobutwont

            I guess you are against cotton clothins and eating rice and almonds??

            Your myopic view of the world is ….the norm for stupid people who are sheeple!!

        • Joe

          The potato famine was engineered it’s called forced scarsity. They the rich have been killing us and making us subservient to the fact that in a few years if you want to make your own anything your some nut bag conspirisy theorist you must let them control your every move and they will demand it the world will demand to be conquered and killed they will welcome death with open arms

    • Robin

      In other words…No Victim, no crime!

      • paul clune

        Hi Robin. Perhaps the victim was the man gaoled for collecting rain water. Is roof runoff into water tanks now the ‘stealing’ of rainwater from the ipso facto owner of same a crime worthy of gaol in a certain part of the world? As I’ve done with bureaucrats here trying to demand farmers pay a licence fee for their dams (not dams blocking streams running onto their farms. Such dams are don’t only collect rainwater, they block natural streams & therefore must be licensed to be legal) please ask the bureaucrat to advise the correct spelling of his/her surname. When asked: “Why?” by the bureaucrat, explain that you need to get the spelling of the name correct on the Supreme Court Writ for the vast damages caused by either too much rain (a flood) or too little rain (a drought) either dumped or withheld by the owner of the rain water….then watch the bureaucrat tear up the document and walk away muttering: “This is all to bloody hard.”

        • Jarrod

          Paul, look into this story deeper than a sensationalised internet news story. The man was jailed for blocking streams and tributories that run across his land, an action that was having a considerable impact on others within his community who also needed access to ‘rainwater’. The great problem with this story as it’s presented is biased and is not expressing the full range of impact across all the many perspectives that are relevant, notice how it mentions nothing at all about the manner in which he was ‘collecting rainwater’, which is relevant information I would think.

          Even more important is the lack of any context surrounding the banning of self producing food? What is the context around those laws? I will be looking into that for sure.

          • paul clune

            The taking of water from natural waterways without a permit/licence is not how I understood the story which reportedly was about a person gaoled for collecting rain water. My responses were founded on that premise – not with the taking of water illegally. A few years ago farmers in West Australia were being told by govt bureaucrats they had to pay a $200 application fee for an annual licence to keep their existing dams – and thereafter pay an annual renewal fee per dam. The issue had nothing whatsoever to do with dams that blocked or limited the water flow of creeks and/or tributaries which ran onto their farms, because that matter was, and still is, already governed by licences and riparian rights. It was solely to do with the collection of rain water. When it was realized that rain water would become the chattel property of the licensor of dams, it followed that the owner of that water would become liable for causing either floods or droughts by allowing too much or not enough of its rainwater to fall on those farms – hence the dam licensing issue here was dropped.

    • thinkitover

      Actually the argument was that the rain was a public good and he was hoarding it. This is not some fellow collecting rain water off his roof or using rain barrels to water his garden this is a man with holding ponds and dams that would be the envy of any municipality. A man living alone and depriving a city of the water it needs. My kudos for this will not be forthcoming.

      • paul clune

        Blocking streams, creeks and/or rivers is not collecting rainwater whereas the collection of water hitting the ground as rain is. If an entity claims title to rainwater (which is chattel property), that entity is liable for all and any flood or drought damage caused by either the excessive delivery or non delivery of said chattel property whereas riparian/irrigation rights ought to be mandatory for the collection, consumption or interference with all and any natural waterways which can be enjoyed by licences and/ or permits all of which of course means if surface water flows/runs on to your real property (over natural surfaces) it is not your chattel property.

        • Warwick

          This is more unintelligible, pseudo legalistic rubbish.
          If you use incomprehensible gibberish like this you are talking to yourself, in other words, wanking.

          • Gary Lyon

            @investigation:disqus Just because you can’t understand it does not make it unintelligible or pseudo-legalistic rubbish. Let me dumb it down for you. If it rains on your property you have a right to collect the rainwater. Any authority claiming otherwise must then also be responsible for a lack of rain, or for any damage due to excessive rain, since they have claimed ownership of said rainwater. On the other hand, if water flows onto your property as a stream or river you should not have the right to that water since it belongs to the commons. That is what Paul Clune is saying.

          • Luap

            Well, why the phuq didn’t he say so…? It “was” unintelligible bullshit eh? If people (not colluding legal criminals aka legislators) are the only ones, apart from lawyers, who can really understand it then it belongs in the dustbin.

          • Jarrod

            Or you could not justify your own lack of understanding and instead read a book. Words convey meaning, don’t revel in your ignorance, read a damn book. No one can deny you the right to know anything if you take it on yourself as a matter of self-determination to find out, first you have to recognise your own lack, and then you need to feel motivated to change. Protip: he did say so, your just uneducated in the meaning of the words he used. Should we as a society lower ourselves to the lowest common denominator? Or should we seek to raise our collective understanding and awareness?

          • Plain English

            Nonsense, he’s right, the language of law is made impenetrable (without extensive study), in order that it can be manipulated and kept from the hoi polloi.

          • Geoff H

            in the phrase, the hoi polloi, the word ‘the’ is unnecessary as the word ‘hoi’ means ‘the’. The phrase is from the classical Greek meaning, ‘the people’

          • SERAPH1212

            “your just uneducated”? Oh dear me Jarrod !

          • Joe S.


          • Gary Lyon

            @ Luap While I totally agree that all legalistic language that is not clear belongs in the dustbin, Paul Clune’s post was aimed against the establishment. I took umbrage at the fact that @investigator was not seeing this and criticizing a comment he had not tried to understand fully. We have to work on facts and not emotion or we are all doomed to be slaves to the establishment. We might think that their legalistic language belongs in the dustbin but the fact remains they will not remove such legislation until we do something to make them do so.

          • Dickie

            Not so in Spain. My brother lives atop a mountain & he owns the water rights, they came with the property, so that ALL the farms lower down the mountain must PAY him for the water that runs off his land, in the streams, If they don’t pay he has the legal right to stop the water going to that farm.

          • Janet

            I think that is really bad. Other farmers should NOT have to pay him for the water that runs off his land – the water is NOT costing him anything. That is bull and corrupt in my opinion. Does it sound “fair” to anyone else????? No property should be sold with water rights……………………………

          • Dickie

            The water costs him nothing, but what about making sure the streams & such don’t silt up. He has to keep ’em clear & make sure they get the water, but as I said – It’s common practice that those on the lower slopes pay those on the upper slopes for their water especially in central Spain were the temperatures regularly exceed 130 in the Summer. (He also has an apartment on the coast where its cooler & teaches Scuba diving & his wife runs a tourist boat), but in the winter he comes back to the UK to earn money to pay for it all leaving his wife & kids to live in their converted barn, sunning themselves beside the pool & living the life of Riley on top of their mountain. Life’s a bitch & we make the best of it.

          • Janet

            Ok thanks for the info. I do agree that there are some things we just have to accept as the way it is done.

          • SonofLiberty7

            It was (nearly ) unintelligible because he used “legal” language where it was not necessary. “Legalese” is needed, supposedly, for contracts, but is not useful for debate.
            Also, his use of run-on sentences did not help his subversion of clarity to pomposity.

        • jesus d maqueira

          At this way we will need to ask for a lisence to go totheTOILET

      • Midlandr

        It is HIS property, his, not yours, not his neighbors. The rain is his.

      • SonofLiberty7

        A city only has rights to the water sources within its city limits, at least in my country.
        In this new century, you will see that a very real check and balance on the growth of cities is their ability ( or lack thereof ) to provide enough water for their inhabitants.
        Environmentalists would be gob-smacked if they realized the irony that property rights act as perhaps the biggest guardian of the environment.

      • jackcandobutwont

        Just what the hell does….My kudos for this will not be forthcoming……even mean??? Speak and type English, not gibberish!!

  • No-Mo-BO

    Keep it up Big Brother bureaucrats, and one day Americans will get fed up with the all-controlling government and just pick up whatever is handy and start walking toward Washington with no intention of coming back.

  • m pearce

    only a few words to say they are.
    money , really , aye , seriously , unbelievable , in text language wtf

  • zlop

    Graving food is illegal,
    In the White House garden, is Michelle Obama growing cannabis?

    • Danidanado

      Graving food is illegal? Are you talking about “Gravy” or “engraving”? In any case, nitwit, so what?

      • Galaxia/

        The message, Danidanado, focus on the message. Exchange of ideas, opinions and information is the important thing here. 🙂

        • Danidanado

          What message? Only a dumb question…….of course she is!

          • TechinBris

            They may have been baiting you. But then maybe not.
            Shush, unless you have something constructive to say. Being obnoxious is not really that constructive and a tad annoying.
            Shush, Grasshopper. Shush.

          • Danidanado

            Don’t ‘shush’ me TickinButt. Follow your own advice. I wasn’t talking to you so buzz off if you got nothing to add. Just beat it!

  • chopper

    just let anyone tell me not to grow food,i will FUCKING kill,em

  • FederalReserve Brown

    when will Monsantos insanity be stopped?

    • Danidanado

      And Nestle?

    • TechinBris

      When our species is extinct of course. On the current projections of how we are behaving, that should be fairly soon.

  • bill smith

    Good grief!! Is it the 1st of April already?

  • pat I

    The person who wrote this article is well intentioned but needs to check his facts! MI law still allows a garden but livestock is now another matter entirely.

  • pat I

    The new rule has no effect on growing food in a garden like setting as the article seems to imply. It only effect those who have livestock. If there are 13 homes within 1/8th of a mile or the animals are housed 250 feet from a neighbor the local municipality can shut you down if they want to accept the new allowances the state is given them on this issue.
    A retraction an part of this article above should be written. There is a lot of misinformation out there on this issue.
    Certainly the new regulations are bad and will hurt people but they are not a statewide action. Each local government can decided to accept these new rules or not. Surly many will and that will be bad but this DOES NOT effect people who just grow their own food in a garden.

    • Danidanado

      I got that too. It seems the dude was jailed for a livestock infraction, like maybe a goat or a cow within city limits. I just hope they don’t come looking in my garden, as I don’t have a medical exemption, LOL! BOYCOTT CHINESE PRODUCTS AND GROW YOUR OWN STONE!

    • mikeNZ

      Shouldn’t have got this far without proper consultation and a referendum.
      The ramifications and unintended consequences are enormous for ordinary people.
      With the move of Government to move away from laws to regulations and unelected officials having fiat on your life, this is not on.
      I agree with HJS003, put the buggers photos in every p[ublic toilet to remind people who NOT to vote for next time.

      • TechinBris

        Just a list of Politicians and what they have voted for should do. Better than any list of promises.

  • pat I
  • KayoZen

    If RT has anything to do with these reports then I don’t swallow this anti-west propaganda masquerading as “news”. And no, I’m not from the USA, I’m proudly South African.

  • Amersham46

    Just take a long look at who elects these people. Just because the is no longer a position as village idiot it does not require you to elect them to city, county or state positions.. I omitted federal positions as they are a class unto themselves

    • tomas the rhymer

      I think we should bring back the office of village idiot. We should make the salary high so we get sturdy good quality idiots to run for office. This would be someone our children could look up to instead of all those horrible politicians we have now.

      • Franticfrankie

        Come to England. In my town the competition for Village Idiot is so fierce that we have to have semi-finals!

        • tomas the rhymer

          WOW! Sounds great! Here in rural east Texas, more than half the populace are hillbillies. They all qualify. 🙂 I would love to visit England. Such a grand and unique place. Very beautiful, too. If you visit here, be sure to pack your shotgun and your bubba.

          • Geoff H

            If you do come to the UK, be sure to leave your armaments at home, as only London, Birmingham and Manchester hoodlums are the only ones in the UK are allowed to have side arms. Another Blair law.

      • TechinBris

        Here in Australia, we make them the Prime Moron, errr, sorry, Prime Minister.

    • Jingogunner

      Mr Rhymer is nearly right about the village idiot. Actually, the office of village idiot/prime minister/president is interchangeable and always has been. The call him “Mr President” but they mean “Mr Idiot”, see. I’ve watched a few US election campaigns on TV and I know this to be the truth. The biggest idiot always gets in. Exactly the same in the UK.

      • Danidanado

        Oh! JingoJoy! You must get back on your meds and get outside more.

        • TechinBris

          Back under your bridge and stop molesting the good people.

          • Danidanado

            Go stuff yourself, TickinButt. Fudgepackin’ troll.

      • Geoff H

        You missed your chance then, you should have put your name on the ballot sheet. I know you couldn’t, I am just being ironic.

  • Jingogunner


    • Danidanado

      How long have you been off your meds, JINGOJOY?

      • Jingogunner

        Were you beaten as a child? have you grown up angry as a result? If you joined the police force, did you go around arresting people spitefully, knowing the laws you were enforcing were spiteful and wholly unjust? Or, maybe you don’t agree that the USA is a mean and spiteful nation of childbeaters who are further pathologised by the brutish police force they have allowed by voting criminal filth or demented idealist fanatics into power? If you don’t believe any of this, then please explain to me how you think such grotesquely unfair and spiteful laws have been allowed? Try not to let your anger get so much the better off you that all you can do is insult and sneer like a monkey. Try and remain, you know, RATIONAL.

        • Danidanado

          No, I do not agree…..”Or, maybe you don’t agree that the USA is a mean and spiteful nation of childbeaters who are further pathologised by the brutish police force they have allowed by voting criminal filth or demented idealist fanatics into power?

          Is that RATIONAL? Not in my world, but then, I don’t use hallucinates.

          • TechinBris

            Really? I was wondering if you were, or drinking way too much coffee or energy drinks.

          • Danidanado

            Where did you come from, TickinButt? What rock did you climb out from under?

          • TechinBris

            I was sitting on top of the rock you crawled out from under. But your insulting behaviour is just serving to prove my point, whilst your demean everything to say by carrying on the in the manner that you do, with such aplomb.
            I retract any advice I may have offered, in order that you may improve and become more relevant in any discussion on this site, but I know that is a lost cause, so just go along improving your irrelevance in these discussions, to the point that absolutely know one responds to you at all.
            Au revoir, Monsieur Troll.

          • Danidanado

            You should be sitting on a toilet TickinButt. You’re so full of sh*t your eyes are brown.

          • TechinBris

            Well at least you know from what you crawled out of.

        • Danidanado

          LOL! Ya, but only when I deserved it, LOL

        • thinkitover

          Ok, I was not beaten as a child, I had loving parents. I grew up pretty well grounded so I will try. I am not a member of the police force or any other security type force. And while I think that there are ways the US could be better and do better I think that the idea that all problems are attributable to government is a fallacy. I like roads, I like knowing that if my house is burning the fire force will come, if I am a victim of crime I will be helped by police, I am not equipped to teach my kids everything they need to know school wise and not able to devote my working life to being a stay home teacher so I am glad for our public school system even with it’s flaws. I believe that every citizen has a duty and a responsibility to their country and their local community and I think most people feel the same way. I believe that while there may be a need for more humane laws and regulations there is also a lot that goes into trying to govern well and we do a great disservice to our communities and our country when we try to see things only from our own point of view. It takes a great amount of maturity and empathy to consider the needs of others and to govern means to have to make compromises always in order to reconcile things that are at heart very different; the rights of one person and the needs/safety of many, the need to allow people freedom to live as they wish and the need to make sure that they don’t infringe on other’s needs in so doing. There are no easy answers, there never will be, but if we are willing to have rational conversations about how to govern well and willing to allow for the compromises that must happen for that to work then we achieve stability for all of us.

          • Jingogunner

            Well, I am glad to make the acquaintance of one of the tiny minority of the US population who had “loving parents”. I was not suggesting an end to the Division of Labour or a return to homespuns., Mr Thinkitover, I was pointing to the truth about the USA: the vast majority of parents are not loving, they seek to work through their own difficulties by using their children; although many do not hit they are still grotesquely abusive in other ways. If you think of US population as a whole, you can see that the behaviour of its elected representatives reflects the values and aspirations of the electorate. For example, the population as a whole is made up of individuals who are very insecure in themselves and consequently, the USA IS actually a police state, the evidence for this is overwhelming, start by looking here: http://www.policestateusa.com/, and here: tsaoutofourpants.wordpress.com/.
            As you were respected and lovingly cared for, Mr Thinkitover, you will not understand that adults beaten in childhood grow up with a deeply burried and relentlessly overwhelming sense of fear (or even terror) coupled with strong feelings of rage and shame. That about sums up the behaviour of your wretched, out of control police and of your wretched, self serving, bribe taking, mealy mouthed, two faced, incompetent political leaders.

          • Danidanado

            You needs ta git back on de meds, dude!

    • tomas the rhymer

      Maybe…..maybe not. I’m a university educated horticulturalist and we feed several friends and neighbors with our garden. I see no police thugs ripping my onions and tomatoes up….yet. Everybody here has a gun and it makes people more respectful and courteous. Welcome to Texas.

      • Jingogunner

        Hello Mr Rhymer, glad to make your acquaintance. Of course not everybody in the US is in agreement with personal and national destruction by means of failure in spirit and mind as practiced by the electoral majority. We are not allowed guns in the UK, except for criminals and Moslem conquistadors. Now you mention it, I can see how a firearm would indeed be a means of ensuing polite behaviour by agents of the state and their Moslem friends. . .

        • tomas the rhymer

          Hi Jingogunner! Yes, my friend Ian works at an oil change business and he drives every car into the changing bay while the customer stays in the waiting area. Ian says he finds a pistol in 4 out of every 5 cars. We don’t have much road rage here, either. As a 3 time convicted marijuana felon, I’m still allowed to own a long gun (but not a pistol), so me and the wife own shortened shotguns with pistol grips and hers is pink! We got them a block away at the sporting goods store. Texas really is still the wild west in that we have the most liberal gun laws in the U.S. On a more personal note, my friend Regan died in a shootout with police just last Thursday. They pulled him over for a traffic violation and he exited the car shooting! We, his friends, can’t figure out what happened to him. Anyhow, come to Texas! Bang bang. Yahoo!

        • TechinBris

          Gets some poly-piping. Thousands of uses.

  • John Schouten

    this has monsato written all over it

    • Danidanado

      Or Nestle!

  • Stephanie

    A man jailed for collecting rain water ! Im sorry but thats Fu*ked. Rain Water comes from the sky. No one owns it, Its free. So why shouldnt people be able to collect water or have life stock. Alot of other countries rely on rain water for them to drink. Thats the only water they can get ! That goverment sounds awful.

    • David

      Come to New Zealand. The native Maori people claim to own the waterways, airwaves and the foreshore.

      • Ned

        Actually they were immigrants too!

        • Sam

          EAT YOUR GREENS!
          Well…Davit that’s not true… Maori claim some of ‘the waterways, airwaves and the foreshore’. On the other-hand the Crown and wealthy pa-kehua own most of it. Probably the rich mates of John Key. And Neddy… I don’t know if you could call Maori immigrants after 800-1000 years.

          I don’t know the POINT of both your wingeing misinformation.

          Getting back to the issue though “growing your own food”. During the 1st and 2nd World Wars Maori saved a lot of pa-kehua from starvation, because Maori maintained large gardens: vegetables and fruit. Who knows it will probably happen yet again.

        • Laura Randelli

          Not immigrants…settlers and colonisers, there is a difference.

          • Luap

            immigrants. mori ori were in NZ first. maori savages killed virtually all mori ori in NZ who were a pacifist people.

          • Geoff H

            Who are these mori ori, not some species of homo such as the hobbits in Indonesia are they?

        • Luap

          genocidal immigrants to boot.

      • Kiwi

        Yeah but have u received a Bill yet Stupid…….Oh no it’s ok for a Farmer or Landowner to restrict access to the Beach Front but as soon as the Local Inhabitants the ones who were their first want it back….Its like No because idiots like u make a big song about it yet its ok for a Non Maori to Charge Bwahaha……Here’s an idea move back to where your ancestors are from and see if u can do the same Bwahahaha….Oh no thats right its owned by the Government with Restricted Access Bwahahaha…..You Muppet…Look if u don’t like it move to America…..It sounds like your’ll love it there even more Bwahahaha…..

        • Luap

          Oh look, it’s the Bwahahaha man

      • Geoff H

        As the Maori were there first, then they do have a pretty strong case. Unfortunately, the Maori had a pee poor immigration policy as did the North American Indians. I am sorry, but British settlers to both Australia and New Zealand totally ignored the fact the other humans were there before them, as they also did in those parts of North America that they colonised and even more so as they became the dominant Europeans in North America. I happen to be English, before anybody asks.

    • Fredd

      And if a Russia plane flew though your air space collecting water you would say “Get out of my sky or I’ll shoot you down”

  • Danidanado

    The herbs I grow in my garden might have me hauled off to the hoosegow too! Time we all stood up for our rights to freedom of conscience as well as freedom of press, speech, and gathering. etc. IMHO.

    • zlop

      Sorry, you have no rights.
      Serfs are not allowed to complain. Comply
      with Agenda 21, or be Georgia Guide Stoned,

      • Danidanado

        Sorry, but I believe I do have rights….the right to vote…… the right to choose who I vote for….the right to breath…..the right to live the way I want. Freedom is a state of mind, not a physical state of your body. The Georgia Guidestones were made of granite by some people who were ashamed to identify themselves. Probably KKK. I have zero respect for them our you.

        • zlop

          The Zen monk, chased over the edge of a cliff by a tiger, hung onto a branch, that was wakening, ready to break.

          He excised his option, to enjoy
          life, and reached over to pick
          and eat a raspberry.

          • Danidanado

            The branch was “wakening”? LOL! Analphabets shouldn’t be allowed to comment…..idiots either….

          • zlop

            Corrected. Typed with 2 fingers, distracted, had to do something different.

          • gurdyman

            You’re the idiot – jerk!

          • Danidanado

            Zat all u got, Hurdy? Lame.

          • Jarrod

            The point the Gurdyman none to subtly was attempting to make is that when someone commented to you their opinion, you responded in an aggressive and confrontational and disrespectful manner. Calling someone an idiot and stating that you have zero respect for them doesn’t open up free discussion. Zlop was originally expressing the opinion that as you live in a constructed society with very explicit legislation and regulations that govern absolutely everything you do, you are not ‘free to choose’ you are ‘free to choose from a given set of options’, any other choice will see you visited with the maximum of restriction of freedom, prison. I am a big believer in self-determinism, but that only works if you are aware that you have a choice in the first place, and for the vast majority of people around the world this is not the case, especially in 3rd world totalitarian societies. It is interesting that you mention that freedom is a state of mind not a state of the body, all the rights that you mentioned you believe you have are physical actions, and you only have them until someone else has taken them away. So freedom is not only a state of mind it is also having full access to the option to exercise a complete range of physical actions. This you do not have, no one does, we are restricted immeasurably in our options, whilst actually we have a great deal more options available than most people consider. The point that I’m trying to make is that if you become confrontational in the face of free discussion, then you fail to learn and to teach, and then someone like me has to come along and decide for you what you meant because instead of expressing with conviction your own meaning, you fell into name calling and conflict. ‘We are like Cattle, fenced in, lead on by electric prods and the promise of freedom from pain, marching inexorably towards the slaughter. And every 4 years we collectively come together to decide who holds the knife, but not where the path leads us, nor who owns the system within which we march.’ Anonymous. What freedom of choice does a child dying of starvation and thirst have in the third world, for that child their is only their pain, their all consuming pain, what relevance does self determinism have to them?

          • Danidanado

            Thanks! But I don’t need an interpreter to decide what I meant! I meant that ZIOP is an IDIOT! Just look at it’s other posts. May I suggest it’s a Troll? The Hurdy Gurdy Man too? As for the rest of your moronic philosophy, may I suggest that if you have the correct frame of mind, there is no jail that can imprison you. As for my confrontational manner, well, suck it up Dude. We’re not here to be kissy kissy!

    • mac carrol

      Get ready for your Tazing bro.

    • Anna Laszynski

      Right Behind you on that Dani

    • thinkitover

      That has nothing to do with it, the regulations were against owning farm animals if you lived in a seriously urban area.

  • MeesterChris


  • jane

    Thought their mantra was “land of the free”.
    Not so very free now, more a dictatorship

    • Joe Bloggs

      Its the same in the UK with people that I regard as communist dictators in just about every city hall. Now I always thought that WW2 was fought to get rid of dictators but now they are back in very large numbers.

      • gurdyman

        Yeah – back in the unelected coalition government! FYI the dictators we fought against in WW2 were from the extreme right like the Daily Mail that you probably get your politics from.

      • mac carrol

        The Fabians are in charge now.

      • ShootnHooton

        ‘City hall’? Are you sure you are from the UK or do you just spend your time watching Batman movies?

    • Fredd

      If you wanna grow food, then don’t spoil the appearance of the neighbourhood, go where it is appreciated. You wanna dam a creek, ok, but not my water supply.
      If you broke down a water supply dam into a thousand little ponds it would evaporate 10 times faster, become stagnant, breed mosquitoes, and take civilization back 2000 years.

      • Galaxia/

        Not if you use beavers, and the ponds they make result in enrichment of the soil and increase of wildlife. You get increasing amounts of water in cunningly built holding ponds, with engineers that can repair a large break in the walls of their dams overnight; A job of considerable expense, effort, and time for humans if they attempted the same, not to mention loss of water, as you astutely pointed out…..

    • TechinBris

      Try “Land of Oligarchic-Plutocracy”.

  • jane

    It’s probably on a par with the UK energy companies complaining their profits are down because we’ve had a few weeks of warm-hot weather so no need for the heating. On the other hand, we are told to economise on our energy consumption! It’s a good job we CAN economise a bit in our so-called summer because we certainly can’t in the winter. They don’t complain then when their profits are up and people are dying from hypothermia because they can’t afford the extortionate charges..

    • Joe Bloggs

      No need to die of hypothermia, just live in one room rather like a bedsit and wrap up well. A woolly hat can be useful as about 25% of body energy goes to the head. If possible do not allow the room temperature to fall below fifty degrees Fahrenheit for health reasons (increased risk of cardiac arrest). An 800 watt oil-filled convector heater, thermostatically controlled, will keep a twelve foot square room habitable without breaking the bank. OK its not ideal but one has to watch the bottom line.

      A small Heat Pump is being considered for the forthcoming winter but unfortunately the cheaper models are fixed-speed fixed-power. What is needed is variable-speed variable-power which of course involves having an inverter drive for the motor. This type costs a bundle.

  • livingheart

    Who allowed the government to become bullies? The population who sits in front of the television for hours, eats fast food, don’t care for the environment etc. …….. and only are wanting to have fun!
    These people need to awaken ….. and they will get a lot of opportunities for this.
    But the people who are more aware pay often the price.

    • TechinBris

      We Plebs are a trite embarrassing in what we elect to govern us, are we not?
      I turned off the Idiot Box years ago and very selective now what is on it. It’s just propaganda to keep the Plebs frightened of their own shadows now and to regulate their existence to protect the lines of control they have on us all.
      But something has scared the “powers that be”, as their careful planning is no longer being followed, but a mad rush to get to needed goals. Why? No idea.
      They don’t care if we realise what they do to us any more.
      Look for the silence, whatever and wherever it is, for something has scared the bejezus out of them.
      Interesting times

  • Edward Wilcock

    Big money talks – someone if safeguarding the sales of fast food at Supermarkets

    • TechinBris

      Tasteless produce isn’t it.
      Is it worth protecting such?
      I don’t think so and obviously by the amount of people that want to grow their own food, I am not the only one that thinks so.

  • Joe Lunchpail

    You have to read between the lines with articles like this. I’m Canadian. As for the “growing veggies”… That had to do with heirloom seeds possibly cross-pollination. Many of us have gardens all over North America. Give your head a shake. Grow your bum off… even marijuana in many locales, if you want. Secondly, the animal by-law is for safety, smell and noise protection. How can we hear gunfire if the donkeys are braying or the chickens a-clucking? Seriously, the reasons for that law have to do with (as happens every Easter) not having a million lice-infested chickens running around, or hogs getting loose by people who thought it “would be cool” to have a farm, but didn’t have a clue how much work is involved. Not to mention that they don’t have the balls to butcher the creature because their snotty-nosed kids named tonight’s supper Betsy!. This is North America; not Europe. We’re civilized here. Give your head another shake.
    A lot of these stories are from infowars who love exploiting and over-dramatizing things, and leaving out key bits of information.

    • Geoff H

      Do you really mean that the USA allows Canadians to plant gardens all over the USA.

  • jason smith

    hay you I am growing my own food , come and arrest me ,

  • jason smith

    and it rained last night and I collected the rain water too , so get that cock out of your ass and come arrest me !!! you homosexual oppressor ,

  • jason smith

    Maybe we all need to show up at court to support these American Brothers

  • jedhermit

    The law needs to be thrown out. In most other countries water conservation is encouraged and TV adverts by electricity sellers show you how to use less power. In the land of the free I hope there are still some who are brave enough to crush this tyranical action. From New Zealand, where even in the cities some have roof water collection for gardens and toilet flushing, solar panels for water heating, and small gardens for themselves we wish you well in getting rid of of the BS law and those who enforce them

    • Joe Bloggs

      The man who was jailed was taking advantage of a stream that ran across his property. Whilst I don’t have a problem with that, it is not quite the same as collecting water from your own roof.

      One horror story that I heard involved an Englishman who emigrated to France. The old property that he purchased had its own well or borehole so he did not need mains water. After a while, officials tested the water supply and said that it was not up to standard (at this point I would have installed a UV purifying plant etc and would have told them where to go) They said that he had to have mains water. The water pipe was run through a neighbour’s land but the neighbour happened to be the Mayor of the town! The Englishman had to pay the French Mayor annual rent for having the pipe there! Absolutely disgusting but I have heard similar horror stories.

      One was about an Englishman who bought an isolated French cottage with no neighbours. The French then relocated the gun club to as near as possible to his cottage. It was bang! bang! bang! for hours on end. There was not much point in complaining to the council as they were all French and he wasn’t.

      Take care!

      • TechinBris

        It is all about people and their strengths in power and influence, in what and where they exercise such.
        Politicians have their power in Politics and will utilise that to gain their advantage over others to attain their desires.
        Plebs, like most of us, have our power in Community and will utilise that to gain their advantage over others, like politicians, to attain our desires.
        But Plebs can attain attain political positions to the detriment of those already in those standing political powers. How would they stop you desiring to attain political standing to combat and threaten their desires.
        As we have seen, they will poison the political well, making it so horrible or deadly to enter that portfolio, most will say “No thanks”. Trial by Corporate Media is a b!tch, which further muddies that water.
        But Plebs, the “Great Unwashed”, general Citizenry can do the same, where we have the greatest strength, within our Communities and we can poison the well of those Communities to the Politician’s detriment, far better that they, or the Corporate media can, if we show everyone the common ground on which most of us stand against their desires. My problem is your problem too! Get the drift.
        This English man has allowed his nationality differences to uphold, instead of accessing his common European Citizenship to the fore and crying foul in discrimination of his European Citizenry rights, to have the same as EVERY other like European Citizen.
        His problem can be everyone’s problem, of which I would not like the chances of the political survival for that Mayor, nor the Judges, nor the European Parliament Politicians, if they screwed the Masses that vote for them, of which they need, to keep their economy going.

  • appleguy 10

    nothing more but God bless ‘Merica’

    • TechinBris

      Is that God I hear, laughing hysterically?

  • mikeNZ

    Who voted for this law?
    So print pictures of them and put them up in public to remind people who not to vote for.
    Stick them everywhere.

    • HJS003

      Those clowns who voted for this law should have their photos hanged in every public toilets.

      • TechinBris

        Better to list who they are and what they have voted for. Better than any list of promises.

  • Paul Chalmers

    It’s no longer a Christian World. It looks and smells Christian eh? Jesus predicted this 2000 years ago….False Prophets everywhere!!

  • David Lister

    “This is an all out war on self sufficiency. You’d think that the government would encourage it’s citizens to be more self sufficient like they do in Switzerland and other countries.”
    Don’t you mean, as they do IN THE REST OF THE WORLD???

    • thinkitover

      Damning the public water supply and diverting it to your own property is not being self sufficient. As for not raising livestock on your 1/8 acre lot and discommoding the entire neighborhood and ignoring the needs of your animals in the process I fail to see the good of that either. No where does the article say farming in a rural area is forbidden and this is the healthiest option for both the community and the animals. As for what you are allowed to plant in your front yard garden, I think it is incumbent upon anyone signing a contract to READ it and to become familiar with the laws where they plan to live – if your homeowners association or municipality doesn’t allow a full on food garden in the front yard, find somewhere that does and live there, or move in and make an effort to get changing that bylaw on the docket for change realizing you will have to wait till change occurs or maybe live with the fact that it won’t if you don’t succeed; as my mother used to say, “you pays your money and you takes your chances.”

  • Delboy Isaman

    Write to the PRESIDENT AND COMPLAIN. IT just accounts to BULLYING

  • Johnnymax

    Read the original info – the clown dammed 3 major tributaries of the Butte river which supplies Seattle etc with drinking water – 2x10foot high dams and 1x20foot. Oregoners are allowed to collect rainwater off their roofs.
    Michiganers are only allowed “approved” plants on their FRONT lawns. Protest resulted in them dropping the charges but the law still exists – for now.
    Sounds like some of the residents associations with power crazed idiots in charge – Paint with ‘approved’ colours, etc.

    • thinkitover

      Thank you for this, so many people seem to think this man was charged with collecting a few gallons off his roof. As for the plants on the front lawn that seems a bit overkill to me but then again I think you are right as to where those regulations came from. When we bought our first house the builder had a policy disallowing clotheslines in our neighborhood that lasted about 3 months, when they experienced a volume of people choosing another development so as to have a clothesline it was changed mighty quick. All of which is to say if you want to plant a garden in your front lawn, don’t purchase property in developments that forbid it (or more to the point READ your purchase agreement before you sign it.)

  • Fredd

    Next they will ban going to the toilet except in a pay for use lavatory. (Who has more rights, your environment or my comfort?)

    • TechinBris

      Neither. The Banksters have taken all the rights. You have to buy it now, if your stupid enough, which I don’t believe you are.


    land of the free and brave. more like the land of nazis in power

  • Richard Skinner

    so when do we take action,or do we wait until they start charging for breathing and sit down and moan and do nothing yet again.
    They don’t own rain and never can,and if we got a show of hands of the people who are doing something about it in this very room,we might get 1

  • Richard Skinner

    good point that it is pressure from big business wanting everything and leaving the normal guy with nothing ,and the dumb thing is it cant last,when they have made everyone unemployed who buys their goods,never happy share holders with dollar sign glasses,gee to boycott some of these criminals

  • billy1st

    Most of this is on the books, but not enforced unless complaints come in, this is just stupid laws to protect you from chemicals, that the corporations and Government are putting in the air! You know barrium salts and aluminum oxide (known as chem trails)! You can bet as far as the gardens go Monsato written all over it! This is a part of Agenda 21 (UN), and more is going to be added! It won’t be enforced until the dollar drops or a national emergency takes place. It is for the middle class which will be no more! The problem is people have forgotten they are the power, but only when they are together! We no that will never happen because of the divide in this Country, like the divide between the two parties of Congress! It will be in your face, don’t you think it is time to stop this now! Vote them out, require term limits so the corruption can not get started, as is with these lifers that learn how to use the system in their favor! They are no looking out for your best interest! Remember, the Constitution put the power in the hands of the people, not the other way around!

  • Anna Laszynski

    Hang in there MR. Harrington, this Aussie is right behind you…..Don’t let them suckers where you down. HOw ludicrus. How unbelievably greedy are they about losing money, so they attack you in this way…… Disgusting…

  • Ruby’smum

    We’d be in strife then. We don’t have mains water in our town, so have to have rain-water tanks. We grow herbs and a few vegies and have a couple of fruit trees. Live in a little town surrounded by other houses, but thankfully in Australia. I don’t think our government, even as batshit crazy as they are currently, would stoop that low. At least I can only hope not.

    • TechinBris

      LOL. Don’t be naïve. Tone’s, the Mad Abbott, is Prime Moron remember. Nothing is impossible and the more insane, the more likely. Turn on the TV and you can’t miss it! The masses know all they need to know because Rupert tells them so; to follow, please swallow, we’ll be forced to wallow, down the Abbottoir road.
      But we can change that, if we really want to. It sux, doesn’t it.

  • Pascal Caillette

    only in amerika could like happen !

  • myfindhorn

    Justhada realisation, if this is happening in the great nutty planet of the USA in 5 years time Britain will be following. Another great reason for the YES vote

  • Raymond Kerl

    This is priceless. I have never heard the like of it. Every American should vote out any and all who run their Government departments, who have come up with these most stupid of laws. Never mind the fight over gun laws, get this one sorted, it’s big brother over the top. It’s your life to live, not to be cowed by officialdom.

  • schnooki

    American government IS the great Satan.

    • tomas the rhymer

      Leading all the other satans in all the other countries! Like yours! Get back in line, lesser Satan.

    • TechinBris

      We people, who are quite accepting of our finality in the Universe, who don’t need spiritual crux to get over it, though we respect your right to choose what you want, would just say the American Government IS a pack of @ssholes, just like our Australian Government also is.
      There now, we got that off our chest and have been found guilty of seditional rhetoric, of which we don’t really care about any more, because we know it is all crooked and insane, like the idiots who do this to all of us.
      Now, relax, go out into your garden, and watch something grow. That is the real miracle of life. and not what Monsanto whips up, which is really what they ripped off nature, that is all of us, in the first place. Especially a certain Victorian Farmer, who found grass that didn’t die from their R0undup on his property. 🙂

  • Roxy

    Could America get any more backwards?

  • Andy Muller

    Yeah but rain water is Fluoride free.. and Ze new World Order will not allow that!! Ze useless eaters must drink Fluoride get cancer and die!! Jawohl…

  • Peter Simmons

    America – Land of the fee. And most Americans think they can teach the world about democracy and freedom!

    This is promoted and sustained by the chemical companies who own the FDA; it’s an onslaught against organic farming and family farms in favour of big business and polluting the environment. And it’s not new, videos have been on Youtube showing SWAT raids for years. I can see why so many US citizens are paranoid about big government / big business.

  • why do Americans just roll over and take this, If our Government in the UK tried this we would rise and take their heads off, LOL we have beheaded the odd king our queen if you look at our history

    • peter holland

      Dream on! As you are aware, natural resources are owned by the state. There are also restrictions on keeping animals at home also.

      • Not completely true
        1) if you own your own home as long as the RSPCA is happy the animals are looked after and its not a dangerious or a banned breed you can keep what you want more or less
        2) did you know that those found to has gas/oil under their home are to be paid some thousands by the government, I did hear the sum but I cant recall the ammout

        • peter holland

          (1) Only partly, the animals CAN be considered a nuisance, like church bells!
          (2) That has only come about because of the resistance to fracking.

          • I have 2 dog 3 cats and I keep chicken’s and have done since 1973 (not the same animals LOL they dont live that long) nobody has even complained in fact they love the fresh eggs, and the free range chickens when I have to kill and replace when their egg bearing days are over

  • thinkitover

    An eighth of a mile is not a lot of space, I don’t think this would be used to shut down a basic backyard garden but frankly if you want to live on a farm you should be living in a place that allows the space to do so. From a standpoint of good neighborliness I have to say that raising animals creates odors, for some people this is not an issue but I think it is safe to say that most city dwellers would not welcome the smell chicken coop flavoring their day. Also goats and other animals really ought to have some space to graze and roam, this is not just an issue of people being offended by odor but it is about taking proper care of the animals you keep. I am a rural resident and we have a half acre given over to our garden and fruit trees planted on our land, we frequent local farmer’s for our meat and whatever veg we don’t grow but I have to say that trying to raise farm animals on a tiny urban plot is just inconsiderate for the animals and for the folks around you. I am a believer in being as self sustaining as you want to be but it is important to be respectful of the community you reside in and the lives you are caring for.

  • thinkitover

    Regards Mr. Harrington, I think a wrong impression has been created here. This is not about collecting rainwater runoff from his roof or even putting out barrels to collect what falls nor yet about creating an option for himself of living off the grid water wise. This gentleman built an, elaborate system of dams and ponds to capture over 13 million gallons of water (as a single man, this represents much more in the line of resources than he needs.) Many in fact I dare to say most municipalities are struggling to meet the water needs of the people they serve, rain water runoff is a part of making that happen. Even so the charge against Mr. Harrington was not just that he chose to collect an incredible amount of water, depriving the local systems of the same. It was not even that he bulldozed acres of woodland to put up dams and ponds, but that he did this building and diverting water without obtaining the proper permits or checking into local regulations or wildlife concerns regard doing so. Mr. Harrington’s actions amount to hoarding a natural resource in amounts much greater than he himself can consume, depriving his community of much need resources for reasons that seem to amount to a general hatred of government. If conspicuous consumption of limited resources is your thing then Mr. Harrington is your hero.

    • Geoff H

      Perhaps he has an Olympic sized swimming pool. I use this phrase because in the UK the BBC measure any body of water by comparing its size to Olympic swimming pools. They measure land sizes by comparing them to football pitches but not necessarily Olympic football pitches (football here means football as recognised by the rest of the planet barring the USA). Now I have started, the BBC especially for the educated classes, insists explaining everything in simple terms just in case an uneducated person has tuned into Radio 4 by mistake. I had to get that off my chest

      • TechinBris

        Loved it. Thank you!
        It sounds as though Murdochracy has taken a firm foothold in your Country also. It is a plague on the people of Australia.
        Dear old Aunty (what we call the Australian Broadcasting Commission in affectionate terms) got labotomised a while back and has been downright nasty since. Such a shame.

  • craig

    this is all about Monopolies and control of the people.I am a expat Aussie living in the USA and let me tell you Australia WAKE UP before its too late. DO NOT FOLLOW the USA, as Australia will be ruined. they call America a democracy please who are they fooling, everything is controlled by not just the puppet governments but mainly by big corporations. gasoline, power etc. Look in the state of Virginia only 2% of the population is allowed to do any alternative energy solar, water, windmills etc as the electricity company has a monopoly. The electricity company is privately owned.
    We as citizens lose all our rights when we privatise things. i.e electricity phone water. The media and the governments say it makes more competition in the market to privatise, what a load of crap. they said that about petrol stations, now they all are the same price.What happens is that the large corps buy out the small ones and then it becomes a monopoly on the market.
    At least we as citizens can still vote for our politicians ( good or bad) as we don’t get to vote for CEO’s of corporations. Monopolies are the biggest threat to the world and its people.

    • TechinBris

      Too late. We are questioning our Nation’s lobotomy too.

  • Warwick

    Rob, what you have written is illiterate garbage

  • Percy Vere

    Are they allowed to have a dump without getting nicked?

  • tim thompson

    Why don’t u just fire the idiots who make these rules? That ,or kill them.

  • Percy Vere

    If the rain falls on his property it belongs to him.

    Charging him for getting what was his is trespass, not on his property, but on his rights, because it is his land and he owns it.

    Unless anyone owning land belongs to someone else, which begs the question, what’s the point in buying land if you don’t own it?

  • Sylvia Groves

    I would refuse to be beaten by these bullies. They want to get me?? let them catch me first. I’m happy in the woods.

    • TechinBris

      There will be a lot of people in those woods soon.

  • peter holland

    What possible reason could they give for stopping home-grown food?

    • TechinBris

      You don’t eat, you die.
      They have the food and don’t have their money to buy it, you die. Simple really.
      It is called extortion. The Mafia does it really well. So do the Banksters.

  • Midlandr

    The reporter meme is the corporations or big bidnis is responsible for “forcing” us to join the “grid”. IT IS GOVERNMENT which is doing the coercion. Sustainable living is commendable, without the political slant. If I were able to own property where bringing a power line wasn’t prohibitively expensive, I too would have my own solar, wind or hydro power. The rainwater issue is proto-fascism at its worst, it steals private property (anything on your land is yours) and thus relegates private property to secondary or tertiary status and enables the GOVERNMENT to imprison you. Stop the jive about corporations and bidnis doing this, it is the government.

  • People are never wiling to fight for what they have while it’s being stolen from them. They ONLY start to care once it’s GONE.

    • TechinBris

      The comatose wouldn’t notice it, and that is a lot of people.

  • rodney allsworth

    this has more to do with the push of the UN CHARTER, AGENDA 21, this is driven by the Green and Environmental movements, although they appear to want a self sustainable world, their aim is to force wealthy nations to fund third world nations to provide the wealthy with food stuffs. so far the socialist govts have exported much of the developed worlds manufacturing jobs to these nations, now they want to dry up our own ability to become reliant on the less wealthy nations to provide our food. all this is to become UN controlled under the auspices of the Green Enviromentalists Left leaning World Socialists, NOW IF THAT IS NOT A WORLD DOMINATED BY A COMMON UNIONIST LEFT BODY what is, note- commonunionist and socialism is one and the same thing.
    rod qld aust

  • Greck

    I can’t understand Americans, they live in the land of the free [if they can afford it] you are free to pay over the top taxes, free to commit suicide [no that can’t be right, I met a guy once threatening to kill himself and the police yelled put that knife down or we’ll shoot] plus you are free to die on any whim of your president etcetera…it only gets tacky when you don’t pay the tax on rainwater, using a hook and line to catch fish or use guns to shoot food, instead of each other, and only the select few are allowed to use sunlight, to see where they are going, that’s why your government hates Russia, because they enjoy natural things and have god given rights to enjoy everything natural

    • tomas the rhymer

      Wow! Are you from Russia? Why are you touting Russia? Because you don’t live in the US and really know nothing about it?

  • billed

    What does anyone expect as Cartels own everything and expect people to take the orders on how to live. Foods are genetically modified TV signals with internet access come from 6 known corporations. The American Dream aka North American Union Dream is a nightmare that is unfolding. European Union is the same though is 28 countries but is taking longer to formaldehyde with aspartame for that tasty snack.
    Be like Tony Blair and get your children trained as Lawyers they may save your RS in coming NWO.

  • kevin bloody wilson

    So who or what is the Governor of Michigan? start by looking at that and see if his family has a history of mental illness or Muslim sympathies.

    • TechinBris

      “So who or what is the Governor of Michigan?”
      Obviously, it is a very puzzling what, and also a corporate @sslicking sycophant. Next question?

  • weird person

    they wonder why everyone goes to mcdonalds for lunch…

    • TechinBris

      Actually, most of the sane people of the World do that.

  • Donqx

    The local hillbilly mentalities of the local authorities in question are probably getting kickbacks from giant food corporations. How lame is that? This story is a joke……………………….right? Food and water security is a basic human right; even for folks who live on postage stamp sized lots surrounded by huge lifeless zones of asphalt.

  • fred

    yep, that’s ami like. running around with a gun is fine, but growing food is illegal. what a screwed up folk this f###en americans are.

  • Gregory Speers

    I am from Canada and I have been reading about things like this happening South of the border for some time now. People jailed for selling raw milk, church bake sales being shut down and people arrested for collecting rainwater. A lot of us do not realize if you have $1000 in cash in your wallet, police in some states can legally seize it under proceeds of crime laws and you have to prove you are innocent! The USA has turned slowly but surely into a police state.

    • TechinBris

      Slowly? Nah! Rapid fire mate. Soon will be illegal to not be rich.
      Poor citizens. I wonder what they will do, when so many people are hungry, thirsty and exposed to the elements?
      That is normally when people get inventive. Just ask the French.

  • Andrew

    it’s what big brother is wanting to do-make everyone dependant on the corporations. people have to get together and stand up against it.

  • John Higgins

    freemason Satanist forcing people to be slaves to their sick evil system of greed

    • TechinBris

      Negating the spiritualist underworld connection mentioned, you are correct, in that they’re sick, evil and greedy.
      Now what do we do about it? I might make a salad from the garden and ponder on that while eating it.

  • Jimson

    Who the frigging hell gives one person, or several people permission and authority to think they own the world. I detest violence, but somehow these people have to be cut down to size, get them out to live in the real world.

  • The Reporter

    In England many people collect water (most years we have a water shortage) and grow food at home, and I can’t think of any reason why anyone would want to make it illegal. Can someone explain?

    • Chiefrunningsores NPQ TSO

      Brussels will find a reason…just a matter of time!

  • Jingogunner

    America is a pathetic and mean childbeating Islamo-Christian police theocracy. The American people are abusers of children, childbeaters, or survivors of childhood beatings. They voted for a police state and that’s what they’ve got. To those who have been arrested for growing their own food or collecting rainwater, I have nothing but contempt because they VOTED FOR A POLICE STATE by installing either a Democrat or a Republican, both Police State parties, as their local representative and they vote for a police state every time they go to church and submit to primitive superstition, an ideal state of consciousness for the development of police authority and control. Its your own fault so suck on it. There is a very strong relationship between the way people treat their children and the way they manage their country. The police see them selves as punishing parents, righteous, christian and arrogant in their power over those who are weaker. America makes me want to vomit.

    • Catwoman

      So leave !!!

      • TechinBris

        Pssst, they actually make it quite hard to do that! What planet are you thinking about?

  • Chiefrunningsores NPQ TSO

    Brussels will follow suit, it is just a matter of time.

    They are already trying to make it illegal to repair your own car.

    • TechinBris

      Europeans have such a wonderful Public Transport System. We Aussies drool over it and as much as we ask for something like it, all the idiots will let us have is more stupid Roads to nowhere except another traffic Jam.
      Take some advice, ditch the Car as much as possible. Not saying to not to have one, that is your choice, but they are sooooooooo expensive, monetarily and ecologically. Also, it props up the Nasty One’s addiction, junky problems.

  • FreeEarth

    This article is very misleading, it gives the impression that people are not allowed to grow their own veggies. Another thing, although these people are trying to help the planet, their impact is negligible. The FACT is that there are just too many people on this planet and that is the whole problem.

  • Geoff H

    Do they say why these authorities are banning the self sufficiency procedures?

  • Saam Amerat

    🙂 If they destroy your garden and your home, be like the Palestinians and just build it again.

  • ejay

    hmmmmm well its very strange growing your own veggies is crime shit i am bloody confused my dad grow’s veggie’s for us also had few chickens while ago i even grow’n few viggie bed’s is that bloody crime !!!

  • Jeff Phillips

    Interesting, I clearly remember the new zealanders re- voted John Key said a very similar thing way back a year ago. Not to mention the Herbs and Minerals!!!

  • Mark Giblin

    Stop the rivers and creeks drying up by stopping commercial concerns like Nestle from pumping dry aquifers. Simples really.

    • TechinBris

      Just don’t buy their water. If they can’t sell it, the Banksters in the Market will devour Nestlé.

  • YampyGramps

    Is this the same America that boasts ‘The American dream’ and ‘The land of the free’. Sounds more like a dictatorship than a democracy. England’s green and pleasant land.

  • mustdisqus

    Jailed for collecting rainwater? The stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. It sounds more like an excuse to grab money from the public than anything. I am glad I do not live in Michegan.
    They should have simply let him keep that money so he could depart from said idiotic country, or at least move to a state with some actual sense.

  • Jack

    Good grief. Unbelievable. Only in America………………so far. You’re going to need a licence to wipe your own bum soon.

  • disqus_GNxUUqmCeQ

    Cool so when people get flooded out they can now sue the same mob that just sent him to prison as the water is theirs. if it causes damage it is their responsibility for it. Also if it doesn’t rain they could also in theory be sued for withholding the rain, causing drought, bushfires etc…. I can see they didn’t think this through and have opened the floodgates 🙂 to a lot of compo cases…. Silly silly…. Thats what they get for being greedy. Karma!

  • Linda Hayward

    How very odd. I remember Michele Obama planting a vegetable patch at the White House and trying to encourage children to have their own patches at home. Its very big in the UK.

  • John Smith

    NZ has been like this for the last 6 years, if you criticise our PM he has you thrown in a concentration camp to never be seen again. Growing your own food in NZ earns you the death penalty, in the gas chamber.

  • Pissed Off

    These bureaucratic RZOLZ are responsible for driving people to the edge where they can take it no longer, so they get a gun and blow off as many heads as they can. Pity it was not the ones making all this control freak crap up, they are a waste of oxygen.

  • a.mack

    I would have loved to see the prosecutors argument, this man collects rain, so that he doesn’t have to pay watercharges, lives on his own food and electric so he doesn’t have to pay for electric and food, thus not paying any additional taxes on said items, leaving the government short a few dollars, this should b made illegal as any expression of self sustainability would cripple american government and terrorists will blow us up cuz we can’t buy bombs to bomb them all thanks to people becoming independent of their nation, america makes me laugh, curiosity has me wondering why this man is being jailed and fined

  • Richard

    Note that Harrington did not just “Collect rainwater”. He dammed two rivers that crossed land he leased for logging, building two large reservoirs and cutting off almost 30% of the water supply of the city of Portland, which he then wanted to sell the water to.

  • BecOz

    Land of the free, huh? As long as it’s not free water, food or power!

  • BecOz

    Land of the free, huh? As long as it isn’t free water, power or food.

  • jackcandobutwont

    “Any government powerful enough to give the people all that they want is also powerful enough to take from the people all that they have.” T. Jefferson

  • brianm101

    At first sight it sounds silly, but then think about it, if you live in a built up area within 1/8th of a mile (or 281yds) of another property, the keeping of livestock, chickens etc. could be problematic for the neighbours. Same with collecting excessive rain water, that water might be needed further down stream, or the act of collecting a large volume might put others at risk. The use of planning permission would be a sensible way to proceed so as to keep the balance right for everyone, including those wanting self sufficiency (a good thing).

  • Fiona McKay

    All the stupid American Government want you to do is buy vegetables that have been poisoned by Monsanto through genetically modified vegetables. I am glad that I live in New Zealand where we are not only allowed to grow our own vegetables but actively encouraged to do so. I bet rainwater is much more healthy than the stuff that comes out of the ground in America because of idiots who are hell bent on fracking.

  • Richard


  • No-Mo-BO

    The FDA, EPA, HHS and any other alphabet squad related to them can take a running jump and kiss my ASS!

  • kaliappan

    Just as all things were created for man to eat, all humans were to serve the big bullies–this is THE FREEDOM in USA, the land of opportunities.

  • pete

    this is because of the *SHAREMARKET* needing profit increases and investor and corporate greed

  • D.B

    If everyone moved out, there wouldn’t be any tax money left to employee people that tell you what to do.


    The PRIME thing to realise here is that is faceless, useless, overpaid, underqualified degree holding cock pullers who are making up all this shit. TO BE A PUBLIC SERVANT IN ANY COUNTRY YOU HAVE TO BE A CRIMINAL. The acts carried out by these low life’s is akin to the propaganda generators in China.. The sooner a few of these Political Half breeds are shot the better.

  • Anonymous NTX

    Juries have the ability to nullify laws deemed to be unjust. This is an option people need to push. In1670, a London jury acquitted William Penn of illegally preaching his religion (Quakerism) despite the facts showing that he had violated the law. The jury believed the law to be unjust, and protected liberty and did justice by refusing to convict. This is the practice known as jury nullification.

    The jury was fined for its verdict, but 4 members refused to pay the fine, saying that punishing a jury for following its conscience violated the rights of Englishman and turned a jury of one’s peers into a jury by government. For refusing to pay the fine, the 4 jurors, including the jury foreman, Edward Bushell, were imprisoned.

    Their appeal to the English Court of Common Pleas resulted in a landmark decision that has never been reversed in English or American law – juries cannot be punished for whatever verdict they deliver, even if the judge thinks they ignored the facts and simply refused to apply the unjust or unconstitutional law.

  • Natural Habitats Detroit

    H20 is the govs didnt ya know ?
    Next time your out in the rain ,
    Shake your brolly and dont forget the snow..drips
    A drop of the clear stuff’ gonna bring ya some pain…

    from the drip up in the big smoke

  • Mac Harris

    I came here today because I had the sudden realization this morning that “A MAN THAT CANNOT GROW HIS OWN FOOD IS A SLAVE” and I typed it into Google to see if I’d just dreamed it up, or is there thousands of similar postings on the net? Of course I didn’t invent it, I’ve known this, and if you don’t own land you can grow that food on, you WILL be a slave to someone else, simply so you can buy the food you need to LIVE!

    And after watching his video, alI can say is, and I only say this to reach the maximum number of people, FORGET ABOUT “JESUS CHRIST”!!!!!!!!! The guy who died 2000 years ago (I mean really, dead guy worship, isn’t there a weird name for that or something?), if he even lived at all… and FOLLOW THIS GUY who has the guts to say it like it is. Follow someone who sees to the gross inequality in the system (in every way) for what it really is. I’m fortunate enough to have lived in one of the US’s oldest “hippie commune” for al-most of my life, with big horrible breaks (bouts of servitude to the system) in between, and HE’S RIGHT!

    Living like this will expand your mind in many ways, and the ones of us that are doing it are progressive, for surely the only sustainable future for mankind is to return to the ways of our forefathers, before “the State owned the water”, etc. Look around, open your eyes… We’re at the beginning of a war against ourselves, or very nearly at the end of more like…

    And to end with my original premise and start a little shit of my own, let me just say FUCK “Jesus”!!!!!! “The Prince of Peace” that millions of people have been abused and killed in the name of… I have just found a new hero 😉

    He even looks like “him”…

    I love you man!!!

    PS And ask yourself, are you willing to die for your convictions? Are you willing to die for that system that shackles you?

  • Lessynz

    The rain is owned by the sky even if ‘they’ are capable of weather modification and climate control byway of cloud seeing programs. The rain belongs to the clouds, and when it falls, where it may land, one should have the right to collect that water for whatever purpose they may choose as long as they are collecting free falling water on their property. With all of the important issues in the world, this man was jailed for collecting rain water? How asinine is that?! I understand agriculture, ecology, erosion and drought factors but I could care less what he did with the water; whether he needed to wash, flush toilets, bathe…whatever. The rain belongs to the sky even if it is controlled by the government.

  • obot

    Peasants used to behead the tyrants

  • littlesuzi

    The law says within an eighth of a mile, which would be right next door wouldn’t it. I wouldn’t want livestock hext door either.

    • Pantpurlais

      You would rather be herded and treated as livestock yourself? If you have neighbours, you have livestock next door. If you have a garden with birds and squirrels, you have livestock. However, birds and squirrels have more freedom to feed locally that do you and your neighbours who are gradually being force-fed corporate “food” and banned from producing your own.

    • BobH137

      eighth of a mile is the length of one city block

      • littlesuzi

        Close enough to smell chicken shit.

        • David Hennigan

          I have 6 hens in my backyard, the coop is cleaned twice a week, and only if standing right inside the coop do you smell anything. The way to handle it is to put in place ordinances that address noise and odor, the cars that drive by make more noise than my hens, I didn’t get a rooster, even though where I live I could have legally, because I didn’t want it to disturb my neighbors. I don’t believe you should be allowed to be a nuisance to your community, but as long as I am not I don’t know why it’s anyone’s business what animals I keep on my property in this so called land of the free.

    • kevin

      If all of you and your neighbors live with chickens, cows, crips and live an eighth mile from one another then you still have to stop.

    • kevin

      This is Mansanto at work.

    • Ella

      So you would rather have your neighbors and yourself waist your money on big corporation hormone and drug infested crap that you call food to pollute your system with than let your neighbors eat there own home grown food without all the shit added to it and be more independent from the government who fills your mind with lies and forces you to work all your life because they brainwashed you to think that the worthless paper they give you called money is meaningful and worth something. I don’t know. I think that it’s worth the smell of chicken shit but that’s me.

  • Lesando

    Wow democracy at work (what democracy?????)

    • trader

      This is not democracy.Kleptocracy and slavery.

  • Jane Williamson

    So wrong on so many levels.

  • trader

    We Europeans refuse any treaty with crazy Americans.We want to grow our own fruit and vegetables

  • Ron Staiger

    Democrats are friggin nuts!

  • Alok_Bhattacharyya

    The people who are self-sufficient are beyond control. Hence are all these assaults on self-sufficiency.