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What This Beauty Queen Said About Men Harrassing Women On The Street


Although it may seem like a minor issue at first, ‘boys-being-boys’ in the street, can often escalate into a much larger problem. Things such as ‘wolf whistling’ and ‘cat calling’ have long been part of our culture, but is that a good thing?
Jen Corey, 2009’s Miss Washington DC is fighting an ongoing battle, a battle that plagues the women of our streets on a daily basis, and that battle is sexual harassment.
With well over 50% of female college students claiming to have been sexually harassed on the streets of America, it’s a wonder that the issue hasn’t made newspaper headlines long before now.
While the perpetrators may assume that their actions are not threatening, it’s pretty clear that woman find the attention unwelcome and that they regard the advances as lewd. As a seduction strategy, the odd wolf whistle or cat call doesn’t seem to be the epitome of romanticism.