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4 Reasons Why Some People Believe 911 Was an Inside Job

Since the tragic events of September 11,  2001 there have been hundreds of thousands of people which includes hundreds of Architects and Engineers who believe that we have been fooled by what the authorities say really happened on that tragic day.

Sadly, most people refuse to even look at the evidence, which is understandable because none of us would like to know that we have been fooled, especially by the people we trust, such as our leaders.

This is a very serious subject especially since the attack on 9/11 triggered the start of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan where almost 1 million people have lost their lives. Thousands of US and NATO soldiers have died in those wars and many thousands more were injured both physically and mentally. The war on terror also added trillions to the American national debt and brought us
The Patriot Act and The National Defense Authorization Act .

With all of that being said, let’s look at some of the reasons why so many people believe that the official 9/11 story could not be true. We will also examine some of the evidence which supports the official story. You will probably find yourself believing certain parts of the official story while not believing others.

Here is a video where RT flat outs calls 911 an inside job. Have a look at the evidence they provide in the video. Lots of compelling evidence in the video including the fact that the government had many meetings with Al Queda before 2001.

Here is an interview with Dr Niels Harrit who is a Danish Professor of chemistry and nano-science, and a famous 9/11 truth researcher who has been giving lectures in many different countries.

If you do not have time to watch the video I will summarize his main points as to why he believes the official 9/11 story cannot be true.


Here are the main reasons why Dr Harrit and thousands of other Architects and Engineers do not believe the official 9/11 story.

1.  Two Planes Caused 3 Skyscrapers To Fall

Most people do not know this as it has not been reported much on the main stream media but there was a third building that fell on Sept. 11 called building 7.  The official reason given for the collapse of building 7 is that it was due to fire. The problem as Dr Niels pointed out is that if you look at the video of building 7 falling you will see that it collapsed perfectly into it’s own footprint which is impossible to do without explosives.

Fire, even from jet fuel does not burn hot enough to melt steel and cause such a perfect collapse of a steel building such as building 7.

The offices in building 7 were occupied by the CIA who had their secret New York undercover headquarters, The IRS, The Pentagon where all the files were held from the investigation of the $2.3 trillion Donald Rumsfeld said went missing 2 days before 9/11, The SEC who had files in their offices of over 4000 cases of fraud being investigated by them and the Secret Service.

All of the secret files in those offices were destroyed during the collapse of building 7.

Here is the video where you will see how building 7 collapsed and how it looks like explosives were used.

With regards to the Twin Towers, there were no official reason given in the 14000 page report as to why the towers collapsed.


2.  The Tiny Hole in The Pentagon

9/11 Truthers claim that the hole in the Pentagon was only 16ft wide and that the nose of the plane is made of soft materials and that there is no way it could penetrate so far into a strong reinforced building such as the Pentagon.

The Pentagon is fitted with super expensive security and surveillance systems but yet there is no video footage of the plane hitting the Pentagon.

The wreckage of the plane was also gone and believed to be shipped overseas which conveniently got rid of all the evidence.

Here is an excerpt from an article on Popular Mechanics where they attempt to debunk the Pentagon Conspiracy theory.


Claim: Two holes were visible in the Pentagon immediately after the attack: a 75-ft.-wide entry hole in the building’s exterior wall, and a 16-ft.-wide hole in Ring C, the Pentagon’s middle ring. Conspiracy theorists claim both holes are far too small to have been made by a Boeing 757. “How does a plane 125 ft. wide and 155 ft. long fit into a hole which is only 16 ft. across?” asks reopen911.org, a Web site “dedicated to discovering the bottom line truth to what really occurred on September 11, 2001.”

The truth is of even less importance to French author Thierry Meyssan, whose baseless assertions are fodder for even mainstream European and Middle Eastern media. In his book The Big Lie, Meyssan concludes that the Pentagon was struck by a satellite-guided missile—part of an elaborate U.S. military coup. “This attack,” he writes, “could only be committed by United States military personnel against other U.S. military personnel.”
Hole Truth: Flight 77’s landing gear punched a 12-ft. hole into the Pentagon’s Ring C. (Photograph by Department of Defense)FACT: When American Airlines Flight 77 hit the Pentagon’s exterior wall, Ring E, it created a hole approximately 75 ft. wide, according to the ASCE Pentagon Building Performance Report. The exterior facade collapsed about 20 minutes after impact, but ASCE based its measurements of the original hole on the number of first-floor support columns that were destroyed or damaged. Computer simulations confirmed the findings.

Why wasn’t the hole as wide as a 757’s 124-ft.-10-in. wingspan? A crashing jet doesn’t punch a cartoon-like outline of itself into a reinforced concrete building, says ASCE team member Mete Sozen, a professor of structural engineering at Purdue University. In this case, one wing hit the ground; the other was sheared off by the force of the impact with the Pentagon’s load-bearing columns, explains Sozen, who specializes in the behavior of concrete buildings. What was left of the plane flowed into the structure in a state closer to a liquid than a solid mass. “If you expected the entire wing to cut into the building,” Sozen tells PM, “it didn’t happen.”

The tidy hole in Ring C was 12 ft. wide—not 16 ft. ASCE concludes it was made by the jet’s landing gear, not by the fuselage.


3.  Who was Osama Bin Laden?

The following  is from the 911 truth website.

a. Who judges which of the many conflicting and dubious statements and videos attributed to Osama Bin Ladin are genuine, and which are fake? The most important Osama Bin Ladin video (Nov. 2001), in which he supposedly confesses to masterminding 9/11, appears to be a fake. In any event, the State Department”s translation of it is fraudulent.
b. Did Osama Bin Ladin visit Dubai and meet a CIA agent in July 2001 (Le Figaro)? Was he receiving dialysis in a Pakistani military hospital on the night of September 10, 2001 (CBS)?
c. Whether by Bush or Clinton: Why is Osama always allowed to escape?
d. The terror network associated with Osama, known as the “base” (al-Qaeda), originated in the CIA-sponsored 1980s anti-Soviet jihad in Afghanistan. When did this network stop serving as an asset to covert operations by US intelligence and allied agencies? What were its operatives doing in Kosovo, Bosnia and Chechnya in the years prior to 9/11?

Saudi Connections
a. The 9/11 investigations made light of the “Bin Ladin Airlift” during the no-fly period, and ignored the long-standing Bush family business ties to the Bin Ladin family fortune. (A company in which both families held interests, the Carlyle Group, was holding its annual meeting on September 11th, with George Bush Sr., James Baker, and two brothers of Osama Bin Ladin in attendance.)
b. The issue of Ptech.


4.  Mysterious Deaths of Potential Whistle Blowers

The following came from Beforeitsnews.com

Let’s now cover Deborah Palfrey, who had information exposing government officials through her escort service, Pamela Martin and Associates, she also claimed to have information about 9/11 being a government staged attack. She was in deep with the feds and planned to expose them in court. She feared she was going to be “suicided” by the government like many other 9/11 victims that had information were.

Suicided basically means that the victim is killed and the crime scene is staged to look like a suicide. In an interview on the Alex Jones show in July 2007, Palfrey explicitly stated, “I’m not planning to commit suicide” and made clear her intentions to present her case at trial, saying, “I plan on exposing the government in ways that I do not think they want me to expose them”. On May 1, 2008, Palfrey was found hanging in a storage shed outside her mother’s mobile home in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

Deborah was killed by the government so they could keep the truth a secret. This story was the last straw and was when I personally concluded 100% that 9/11 was an inside job. Deborah is not the only case in which she has been killed to cover up the world trade center attacks.

A man named Barry Jennings was also found dead because of his knowledge about the truth of 9/11. The significance of the Barry Jennings mystery is that his personal story as recounted on video leads to the conclusion that the destruction of the towers on 9/11 was planned.

On August 19, 2008, 53 year old Barry Jennings died, two days before the release of the NIST (again the organization that investigated the attacks of 9/11) Final Report on the collapse of world trade center seven (the building that was not hit by anything and just happened to collapse).

Jennings was Deputy Director of Emergency Services Department for the New York City Housing Authority. On September 11th, 2001, he saw and heard explosions before the Twin Towers fell, while attempting to evacuate the world trade center seven command centers with NYC corporation counsel Michael Hess. No cause of death has been made public, and the mainstream press has not even covered the death of this American hero.


So what do you think, do you believe the official story or do you think there is something fishy going on? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Bois d’arc V-2

    Excellent video with Dr. Neils Harrit, I recommend it.

  • Chip

    What a load of BS

    • JB

      I hope that it is. I want it to be too.

      • lifeintheknow

        me 3

        • redirectedfury

          Hope despite reasonable evidence to the contrary? No, that’s denial, wishful thinking at least.

    • Colin Harwood

      Hmmm… BS like Watergate, Bay of Pigs, Gulf of Tonkin, NSA sort of thing? You’re right – the US has quite a record of telling BS to its’ people and its’ allies.

  • MontrealPOV

    The man flying the jet into the pentagon had no intention of landing. Why would he have put down landing gear?

    • lifeintheknow

      good question. Also, apparently it takes very skilled pilots to fly a commercial airliner the way the one was flown in order to hit the Pentagon the way it did.

    • Chip

      Go and ask a trained pilot to explain about lowering the undercarriage to slow the plane and to gain control of speed to focus on the aiming point, as in this case was the Pentagon.

      • MontrealPOV

        These guys were not “trained pilots” and you know it. They had never flown a commercial jetliner ever before. They would be aiming to slam into the pentagon with the greatest speed for the greatest impact possible. They would not be putting down the landing gear. Jeeze.

        • d18kv178

          maybe they pressed the button by mistake.

        • Rod Schmidt

          Maybe the landing gear punched a hole thru concrete, even tho it was in the “up” position.

          But where are the holes made by the much heavier ENGINES???

          • FudgyDumpz

            Engine cowling is hollow aluminum and the turbine itself is made up of thousands of small parts. A B757’s engine can be rendered useless by accidentally ingesting an empty soda can. Large parts of the turbine were recovered in the Pentagon wreckage however, and can be found through a simple Google Image search.

            Landing gear, in contrast, are far more dense than the engines are, and would actually cause as much if not more damage than the engines. Pieces of AA77’s maingear can also be easily found through a Google Image search.

            Hope that helps.

          • jeff cole

            The center structure of an airplane holds the wings and the landing gear. The wings and the engines are not that much of a force or weight.

        • cor13

          The plane had its landing gear down. We don’t know why. It must be a massive conspiracy!

        • FudgyDumpz

          As a matter of fact, Hani Hanjour – the pilot of AA77 – was the only 9/11 hijacker to have completed his commercial aviation license (he did so in 1999). This is verifiable information. He was selected for the Pentagon attack for the reason that it required the most difficult maneuvers of the 4 commandeered aircraft.

          You are doing mental gymnastics in order to hold on to your precious conspiracy fairy tale, however there is a reason that people like you are still not taken seriously 13 years after the attacks – because the conspiracy narrative holds no water whatsoever.

          • MontrealPOV

            I am not doing any mental gymnastics. I just ignore it. Sorry for commenting.

        • jeff cole

          They had been in Flight Training Capsules as far as what aircraft I am not sure.

      • gordon_wagner

        These were the guys that abandoned a Cessna 152 on the runway because they were so inept? Yet they executed a 270 degree turn while descending? Give me a freaking break.

        • 505

          Oh wow, a TWO HUNDRED and SEVENTY degree turn?!?!?! And he did it WHILE DESCENDING?!?! That’s incredible. I mean, most people can only do 180’s. 270 is so crazy hard man.


          Hey OP, here’s 4 ACTUAL reasons people believe this crap:

          1. Truthers are retarded.
          2. Truthers can’t think.
          3. Truthers are morons.
          4. Truthers lie.

          • treehouse

            How do you go to sleep at night man? With your lips wrapped around your partners snake head? You 505 are no 007 more like a 69 in a bath house. Do you get paid for this bull or…….. like the 69, done for true love??????????????????????????????

    • mikeincanada

      Video taken soon after the supposed jet struck the Pentagon shows government agents picking up debris from the grounds close to the impact point. None of this debris was big enough to have been part of a jet liner – the wings for example, which would not have penetrated the concrete walls.


      Video footage from all cameras anywhere near the Pentagon mysteriously disappeared.

      And then there is building 7. Anyone who thinks that came down due to fire has been smoking something very strange.

      • MontrealPOV

        Thanks Mike. The real shocker is that there was no footage from the building with the most surveillance in the world. Ever corner store show a video of the robber, but the pentagon has no cameras? The situation is, what do we do if this is true? What then? What if the government was involved? The horrifying truth of a nation killing so many of its citizens? If this is true, what happens next?

        • lifeintheknow

          Good questions.. Certainly makes one think.

        • Victor

          that’s the thing that gets me – how can there be no footage except a nano-second of light they released? there are security cameras everywhere around that building… they couldn’t have all been “destroyed in the crash” – if / when the US gov’t answers that ONE question clearly and decisively, I will then give credence to their version of events. Until such time, I will continue to consider the official version just another in a long series of lies that the US gov’t has told over the years – remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki were supposed to be military targets not cities of over 100,000 people…

        • jeff cole

          I ate lunch in the center garden of the Pentagon with a friend working there in 1973, The Watergate days. It was quite easy to tell the walls of that place are massive. Who ver said iit has all the video cameras? The White House is a well videoed place, I saw alot of physical body’s that were Security in 1973. Take a tour, it is huge!

    • FudgyDumpz

      Commercial aircraft are hollow aluminum tubes. The landing gear was separated from the body of the aircraft in the impact just like every other piece of the plane. Just because the gear was ejected into the building doesn’t mean that it had been lowered prior to impact.

    • jeff cole

      Possibly to slow his air speed and splash the fuel over a larger area? He had intentions of landing into the Pentagon or the Capital and possibly the White House. The gear down slows air speed and help a plane roll if the plane came to the ground short of the target.

  • samlebon23

    In America you can sell anything, even the 911 story. If one day the whole White House disappears and they tell you Iran did it, I won’t be surprised.

    • blondewbrains2

      Yes, and apparently your govt hasn’t been spying on us all for 12 years… you swallowed that one too. Now look at the mess we are all in. Thanks, Take your head out of the sand!

  • JB

    What I like about this article is that it alleges bi-partisan involvement. It takes joint cooperation if your going to fool a country’s people if not the whole world. Hard to believe, but it could happen …. On another note, I have met folks that claim to have saw the plane hit the Pentagon. Truthfully they are nobody of significance and people do lie, but they had no reason to lie to me either especially at a wedding outside of the country.

    • redirectedfury

      First of all our government itself is incompetent, as a system it
      takes far too long and too much effort for anything of significance to
      be accomplished. Maybe the era of the Civil Rights movement was a
      different case. I mean, does anyone seriously believe that our
      representatives in government could collude to destroy the Twin Towers,
      WTC building # 7 and take a piece out of the Pentagon along with a chunk
      of land in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania? That itself is a
      diagnosable delusion. Private enterprises providing the backbone of our
      Military-Industrial machine and global super-power businesses would
      more likely have been the ones colluding, and for good reason: (1)
      billions in profit, (2) government contract certainty and (3) job
      security. Then again, does anyone in America really believe that those
      at the top would never think of guaranteeing a war for an unknown amount
      of time, the longest war in our history, for an almost unlimited amount
      of money? Ok, so what I am saying is that either way the majority of
      Americans are delusional, or maybe they are simply A pahtetic M orons
      who E xist to R aise the I ncome (or I nequality) of C orporations, A
      thletes and other N arcisists. You read that right? It spells-out
      AMERICANS. You don’t like it, then wake up and stop being delusional.
      As for you JB, No one is saying that planes did not hit the the Twin Towers. Was that your point?

      • lifeintheknow

        He meant the Pentagon.

      • JB

        Yes I did mean the Pentagon. Some say it was a missile. Remain safe everyone. I enjoyed this thread. Everyone has good points.

        • redirectedfury

          I am now only willing to believe that those planes did in fact hit those marks but the amount of destruction that resulted was organized and planned to be as cataclismic as posssible, and more people were involved than 19 hi-jackers with box cutters. Structural information on the Twin Towers suggests they were designed to sustain the impact of such a plane and the core supports were made of metal that would not have melted at the temperature of burning jet fuel. So, something / someone weakened the cores because otherwise, in the worst case, they would have buckled under the weight from the floors above. It was purely cinematic, or as if a programmed operation, that each tower collapsed in a way that the floors failed in syncronous, successive order and in the process all that concrete was pulvarized to dust and only rubble remained where the towers stood before. No, only controlled demolitions could simulate what happened on 9-11.

          • Softly Bob

            So how should they have fallen if it wasn’t explosives? Should the towers have fallen to the left or to the right? Should the towers have toppled in the direction the wind was blowing? It’s amazing how the falling of the towers as always been explained by using explosives but I’ve never heard anybody describe how they would have fallen if explosives weren’t used.
            If explosives weren’t used they would still have fallen exactly as they did. Straight down in synchronized stages as each floor buckled under the impact of the floors above.

          • redirectedfury

            Never before or since 9-11 have steel framed buildings fallen in such a way from fires, whether it was from burning jet fuel or a consuming fire taking out multiple floors over many long hours. No such steel framed building has ever collapsed from fire period, except on 9-11. Yes, if you were wondering, a passenger plane had previously crashed into a tall building, though it was a DC 10 and the film prooving that the burning building did not fall was in black and white. Otherwise, no I do not think they were too concerned about scientific facts because the vast majority of Americans don’t have a clue what those would be, simply look at how far behind we are in education. And it’s clear from your tone that your willing to defend the substanial parts of the official 9-11 story. It’s unfortunate that you defend that unscientific garbage, like so many other Americans do, and for what? Hope that our country is not lost to the highest bidder, to money, power and influence from corporate giants and their billionaires. Well, sorry, what’s done is done and no amount of denial will change that.

          • Softly Bob

            Firstly, I’m a scientist, so please don’t tell me what is unscientific garbage and what isn’t. I can discuss science all day with you if you wish, but don’t patronize me when it comes to scientific knowledge.
            Secondly, let me remind you of how ideology can trump Common Sense. You may wish to believe that America is evil, but then again many dumb-rocks do.
            Muslims have been wanting to destroy the West for years. They were responsible for 9/11, they bragged about it, al-Qaeda admitted it and thousands of Muslims Worldwide cheered when it happened. ‘Nuff said about that.
            Thirdly, it may be good to do some detective work and try to look for hidden clues, but not when you do so at the expense of the blatantly obvious.
            The blatantly obvious was that terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center – thousands of witnesses saw it and it was televised live. I’ve given you the facts and you may wish to believe that 9/11 was an inside job if that suits your political agenda, but answer me this. What was the motive for an inside job? Seems like a lot of work and money for very little outcome to me.
            What about the London 7/7 bombings were they an inside job too? What about the Madrid bombings or the Boston Marathon attacks?
            I’m not interested in your completely unscientific theories about 9/11. I bought into them too when ‘Loose Change’ first came out. Then after a bit of thought, I realized just what BS was being fed to me.

          • Rod Schmidt

            “The blatantly obvious was that terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center – thousands of witnesses saw it and it was televised live.”

            I’m embarrassed that a scientist wrote this. Witnesses saw it, therefore it MUST have been terrorists! And it MUST have been 19 terrorists! And they MUST have been from the Middle East!

            Actually, you’re right … the perps WERE terrorists, by definition … the only question was WHICH terrorists.

            ‘Loose Change’ may well have been BS. It doesn’t follow that the official story must necessarily not be BS.

            Please explain the simultaneous onset of the collapse of Bldg 7. Why did the entire building, hundreds of feet long, end to end, break within a quarter of a second?

            “What was the motive for an inside job?” Justification for two wars, so far. Did no one gain any profit or advantage from those wars?

          • Floda

            Rod, I doubt softly bob even finished high school judging by how he expresses himself. He is one of very many shills paid to disrupt and forum where doubts of the 911 fairy tale are discussed. The best way to treat these maggots is not to respond to them.

          • redirectedfury

            You have said nothing so far that leads me to believe you have truly thought about the official story. Ok, so you watched ‘Loose Change’, I would be hard pressed to say that movie is an adequate alternatvie theory. Somewhat interesting pieces of information but not a concise, methodological sequence of events. If you gave that video any thought then maybe your a scientist. However, simply saying you are is not convincing. I’m not saying that 9-11 was carried out by someone other than terrorists, I simply refuse to believe those were the only ones involved and that a plane crashing into the top floors of a skyscrapper will make it collapse a couple hours later. Building 7 collapsed from fires, no explosion from a propane tank was confirmed to be the cause, and that is the first and only time such a building collapsed for the assumed reasons. Hell, the bomb destroying the Oklahoma City building did not cause it to collapse, and yes I do believe that was carried out by just Ted the Uni-Bomber. If you can’t see a motive for an ‘inside job’ on 9-11 then I truly feel sorry for you and see no reason to continue this correspondence.

          • Softly Bob

            Why would you feel sorry for me because I don’t agree with you? In that case, I feel sorry for you.
            And yes, I am willing to believe that there is more to 9/11 than meets the eye – yes a lot more.
            But it was not an inside job, a cover up maybe after intelligence failed to act on preventing the attack, but nevertheless still committed by terrorists.
            There would be no motive for an inside job. What, to go to war with an insignificant country like Afghanistan? There aren’t even any oil reserves there.
            9/11 was caused by Islam. It’s that simple. This hideous cult has been trying to destroy Western civilization for years. But nobody wishes to believe that despite these fanatics themselves telling us that they want us dead and despite the fact that their handbook (the Q’uran) tells them to do it.
            Political correctness (and cowardice) prevents people from speaking out against Islam. Nothing is ever the Muslims’ fault, it’s always something else, poverty, oppression, Western imperialism, or Israel – so when Muslims do something truly evil such as 9/11 then it’s easier to spin the yarn that it’s somebody elses fault. In this case the claim is made that it was an inside job.

          • redirectedfury

            I see your true colors shining through. I see your true colors and that’s why I feel bad for you. So go be afraid, because it shows. Your true colors. Your true colors… are terrible, mad as a rambo.

          • Softly Bob

            Can you justify those statements or do you just want to call me mad for the sake of it? I’ve provided facts and rational arguments. Perhaps you are the mad one, my friend. It’s the emperor’s new clothes all over again. You’re one of the fools in the crowd who can’t see the obvious. I’m the one pointing out that the emperor is naked. But go on believe your paranoid little conspiracy theories if it makes you feel better. When 9/11 happened the truth of Islam smacked a lot of people in the face, but the really stupid ones couldn’t get it even then. Common Sense made way for grand delusions and outrageous theories. Perhaps the London 7/7 bombings would make them see sense. No, apparently not. Perhaps they would finally get the message after the Madrid bombings. No, still no realization.
            After the Fort Hood massacre? No.
            Well,what about the umpteenth Muslim terrorist attack, the Boston Marathon attack?
            No. Still nobody at home.
            Yet, you call me mad….. you’re laughable.

          • redirectedfury

            Dude, calm down. Anyone reading your messages would agree that your angry. But mad can also mean crazy, which I’m not accussing you of being mad like that. On the other hand, I do think it is kinda rediculous to say that all those who practice the Muslim religion support the terroristic acts against Americans and Europeans. There are billions of Muslims yet less than 1% are fundamentalists / fanatics, those who planned and carried out 9-11. There were massive inteligence ‘failures’ (or intentional acts of negligence?) that ‘resulted’ (or allowed?) in those 19 hijackers crashing those planes. Even still, they were a small group of what makes up the Muslim population and the variety of denominations / sects that are differientiated by belief systems. Maybe 9-11 just gave people like you, black and white, good and evil thinkers a simple target for your hate so you wouldn’t have to think about facts like these, just move on with your stereotypes. Shoot first and ask questions later.

          • Softly Bob

            Firstly, I never said that all Muslims were like that, but thanks for the straw man – much appreciated.
            Secondly, I don’t care if it’s 1%, 2% or 5% of Muslims who are dangerous, it’s still a lot of people out of 1 billion or so.
            It doesn’t matter, Islam is dangerous. Stop making excuses for it. It’s like saying that only a small percentage of the mafia are killers, or saying that not all Nazis killed Jews.
            Islam is a dangerous ideology. History has proven that. No, I’m not a hater, I research things. Stop trying to make my ability to recognize evil mean that I’m a hater. I suppose those who recognized Nazism to be evil were haters too in your book. Evil is evil – me pointing that out does not make me a hater. You sound like a pathetic hippy. Political correctness has warped your mind. I don’t stereotype. I research. Just because you’re a miserable little coward doesn’t make you right. You’re wrong, you’re pathetic and you sound like a tree-hugging little runt.

          • Floda

            Arabs? Suicidal Kamikaze Arabs? Do you know there are no verifiable pictures of ANY of these guys anywhere near one of the three airports from which they are said to have hijacked four airliners inside 10 minutes of each other?.

            Do you know that not one of those four airliners had any of these invisible Arabs on their passenger lists? Airlines are fussy about passenger lists. Have you ever tried boarding a commercial airliner without being listed on such a list?

            Not only that but the American Military did an AUTOPSY of all the dead bodies in the Pentagon. A suspicious American Doctor used FOI to get them to reveal what they found on the Plane claimed to have hit that building.

            Here is where it gets really weird:

            They claim to have identified ALL on board the plane and made a list of their names. But the six Arab Kamikazes supposed to have hijacked that plane were not found and no superfluous bodies were discovered in the wreckage.

            No Arabs on the Airline passenger list.
            No Arabs on the Autopsy list of names.

            The lists are identical, so who flew the plane? Can Arabs fly like Superman? Faster than a speeding bullet? More powerful than a locomotive?

          • dexter malloy

            Muslims are terrorists, but not smart enough terrorists to take down the towers or we’d have seen similar grand-scale events, which we have not. 9/11 was the US government.

          • Roman

            The Q’uran references 50 books of King James version of the Bible. It is not as obscure as you think, read it, online!! You are not a scientist,because you took a science class.

          • Softly Bob

            No, I’m a scientist because I work as a scientist.

          • dexter malloy

            You are not taking into consideration that the only people to have paid a price is the US itself.. you. The government doesn’t care about terrorists in saudi, they are after you.

          • Floda

            I doesn’t take long in reading what you say to realise what you are, a troll probably paid to disrupt any 911 forum where the ‘inside job’ is discussed.

          • Softly Bob

            Yes, I’m a troll, because you don’t agree with me. Is that what a troll is, somebody who comments on a website and doesn’t agree with your blind opinions?
            Get back to the subject. Debate, analyze and stop being a moron!

          • Floda

            One in three or four posts are from you. That makes you a paid shill. The REAL perpetrators of 911 have been employing low level dunces like you for thirteen years. I smell the maggots after a few cursory glances at their scribbles.

          • Softly Bob

            I wish I was being paid. It’s always the sign of a weak argument when you accuse others with a different opinion to yours of being ‘paid’. It looks like your sense of smell is misinforming you. No wonder you’re a ‘truther’ – bad judgement and no grasp of reality.
            Not that I’m really bothered what you believe in. Even idiots are entitled to their stupid theories.

          • Tony

            Mr. Scientist my arse. You don’t seem to know ABC about science. Science runs on proofs, evidences, and facts. Your biased jebrish fails the basic scientific tests. If you are a scientist then W bush ( Curious George) is an Einstein.

          • Softly Bob

            How come? please correct my scientific ‘errors’ rather than just use insults.
            I can picture it now – Bush says “Let’s destroy the Twin Towers and kill lot’s of people, so that we can go to war”.

            Adviser: Ok, but this is very, very risky. If we’re caught, then it will be a disaster. We must plan it carefully what do we do?

            Bush: Let’s fake an airplane crash into them. Everybody aboard the plane will die, others in the building will die instantly as the plane crashes. Many more will die in the fire and in the floors above people will die too as they are trapped. The death toll and sheer tragedy will be enough for us to declare war on those we claim did it.

            Adviser: That should do it. Nobody will suspect anything.

            Bush: Wait that’s not enough. Sometime after this happens and trapped dying people are waiting to be rescued, the floors below will have been partially evacuated, so let’s set off some bombs that we have already planted on the floors below and bring the entire tower down.

            Adviser: But that will give the game away and it’s not necessary.

            Bush: Let’s do it anyway, just for a laugh.

            Yes, very credible!!

          • lifeintheknow

            It’s all about money IMO. Nathaniel Rothchild said “Give me control of a nation’s money supply and I care not who makes the rules” The elite have been controlling countries money supply through Central Banking. All the central banks of the world including the US federal reserve are overseen by the BIS (Bank of International Settlements) aka the Central Bank of Central Banks.

            Through Central banking they control everything.

            Now, before 911 happened, only Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Iran, Sudan, Cuba and North Korea did not have Central banks.

            Think about that for a second.

            Also, within the first week of the uprising in Libya the rebels instituted a central bank in that country. The agenda is pretty obvious for those who look for it.

          • Softly Bob

            So why destroy towers and kill thousands of people just to give other nations central banks? That makes a lot of sense. If they want central banks just give them to them.
            You’re looking for something isn’t there.
            Guess what? Lots of things happened after 9/11.

          • lifeintheknow

            Sadam and Gadaffi reportedly wanted to start trading their oil for something else than USD which would of started a snowbaling effect against the USD as reserve currency. Once that hapens, the US goes economy will be rattled to it’s core. Hence, they invaded to take control of the oil fields and also to introduce central banks to the countries who did not want them before and wanted independence.

          • Patines

            This is not a scientific theory, but makes sense to me. Remember Jim Jones in the Guyana? It was say that he ordered his followers to drink some kind of ‘tea’ and committed a mass suicide, over one thousand of people die. According to the Black Panthers, those people didn’t commit suicide, they were rather sprayed from the air with some kind of chemical. The theory says that those people were moving to Russia to start a community there, those were the times of the cold war and the US could not allow those people to do that, politically that would had been a victory for Russia and the system wouldn’t allow that to happened. A thousand lives is not a big deal or is it? Nature’s disasters have different outcomes than the man made ones. I believe there is a lot more about 9/11 than what we’ve been told.

          • Floda

            If as you claim you are a scientist you might care to explain how it is these massive buildings with their steel frame inner core came down at free fall speed?

            In other words when the South Tower came down imagine you and I were standing on the roof of the other Tower and we had a PIANO which we shoved off the roof at exactly the instant the other Tower commenced its collapse.

            The Piano would hit the ground at same time the South Tower, how do you explain that?

          • Softly Bob

            WTF are you on about? Pianos? Were there any there? In a vacuum they would all fall with the same acceleration but do to air resistance different things fall at different velocities. Is that what you wanted me to say? End of physics lesson.
            Now what has that actually got to do with anything? How is it relevant?
            The tower fell down in quick stages. What else are you dribbling on about?

          • Rod Schmidt

            But what happened to the internal columns that used to hold up the weight of the building?

          • adamsyed

            Wouldn’t have fallen at all. The owner Jeff Skilling, in 1993, told the Seattle Times: “We looked at every possible thing we could think of that could happen to the buildings, even to the extent of an airplane hitting the side… Our analysis indicated the biggest problem would be the fact that all the fuel (from the airplane) would dump into the building. There would be a horrendous fire. A lot of people would be killed. [But] the building structure would still be there.”ii


          • Peter Clark

            How about the molten steel we saw pouring out of the side of one of the Twin towers before it fell?

          • Softly Bob

            I didn’t see any and if there was any, so what? Why would bombs going off cause molten steel? Are you telling me that a grenade produces molten steel when it explodes? Or are you suggesting that the burning fuel actually did melt the steel?

          • Floda

            The planes hitting the building were a spectacular diversion from what actually brought them down, namely the Mona Lisa of building demolitions. There is evidence the Planes were remote controlled 737’s not the ‘real’ Planes.

            What evidence you say?


    • Rod Schmidt

      I am interested in these folks that claim to have saw the plane hit the Pentagon. What exactly did they see?

      • adamsyed

        Hi Rod, please watch “National Security Alert” for the best lowdown on what happened at the Pentagon. There was a large plane but it flew on a path inconsistent with the physical damage; to wit: the five light poles that the plane allegedly knocked down were on the South side of the CItgo gas station, yet all the witnesses in the area reported the exact opposite reality: a North of Citgo approach. This strongly suggests that the physical damage was staged and that the plane continued on past the Pentagon.


  • Djinnjaha

    Shouldn’t the headline read:
    “4 Reasons Why Some People Believe 911 Was an Inside Job” ?

    • lifeintheknow

      Fixed. good catch

  • gordon_wagner

    Why didn’t the 9/11 Commission have subpoena power?

  • blondewbrains2

    It still shocks me how stupid you Americans are… it’s right under your nose and you still refuse to believe???.. no feeling sorry for you here. Stay in your little dream world and I hope you get another Bush era to do it again.. then maybe you’ll all wise up!

    • Carl Anon

      If you go and watch a ventriloquist perform and you dislike the act you wouldn’t blame the puppet. Such is the case with Bush.

      • blondewbrains2

        Im not speaking to those that dislike the act, im speaking to those that deny the act!

  • Rod Schmidt

    Tell me the reasons why some people believe Osama was behind it.

    I remember: Bush said he had some secret evidence, and he would show it to us later. Well — it’s now later.

    • Softly Bob

      Osama Bin Laden admitted it and so did al-Qaeda.

      • blondewbrains2

        hahahahahhaa.. you’re kidding, right?

      • Floda

        Rubbish, Osama made it very clear he had nothing to do with 911. He was on Kidney dialysis at the time it happened, and he CARKED in December 2001 of causes related to Kidney failure. Don’t believe ANYTHING in the American mainstream media, they are complicit in the mass murder of thousands on 911.

        • Softly Bob

          As far as I am aware,it wasn’t in the mainstream media.Why do you assume that I only get info from the mainstream media?
          Just because he was on dialysis doesn’t mean that he can’t give orders. When I say that he admitted it, It doesn’t mean that he personally flew the planes himself – dohh!
          That’s like saying that Hitler wasn’t responsible for mass genocide just because he didn’t personally kill each and every Jew by his own hands.
          You should take your own advice and stop believing everything in the Leftist’s guide to conspiracy theory.

  • Rod Schmidt
  • Therese Quin

    Motivationally, a cover-up of HIV/AIDs (perhaps the files in building 7) is the only thing that still makes sense. On world AIDs memorial day perhaps resistance should start from there?

    • blondewbrains2

      Read on hunny, there is wayyy more

  • Carl Anon

    What about Larry Silverstein? He announced on the news that morning that they were going to “pull” building 7, as in controlled demo building 7. Then it happened.

    YouTube it if you don’t believe me.

    • FudgyDumpz

      You honestly think that the evil mastermind behind this entire conspiracy mistakenly admitted to the entire thing in a TV interview?

      Silverstein was referring to “pulling” the rescue operation as WTC7 was becoming dangerously unstable. It’s right there in the interview. Think critically when you watch this stuff.

      “YouTube it if you don’t believe me” is not something that is said by someone who is well-educated.

      • Floda

        He said to the Fire Brigade Chief, ‘Maybe the best thing to do is pull it’ and went on to say, ‘So they decided to pull and we watched as the building came down’.

        There are plenty of views of this on the internet. Later, realizing he should NOT have said this, Silverstein and his handlers tried rather clumsily to change the meaning of the word ‘pull’ which is demolition speak for, ‘demolish by means of blowing the structure sky high with explosives’.

        He claimed to have meant, ‘pull the men out’, trouble is a group of firefighters are not an ‘it’, they are a ‘them’.

        But he told the truth insofar they did ‘watch as the building came down’, because it did come down, just like the giant Towers came down earlier that day. It came down at free fall speed, as if there was no resistance from floor to floor.

        Which could only have happened if it had been rigged with demolition charges, just like the other two gigantic buildings were rigged for demolition.

        A year or so ago, Holland’s leading demolition expert, Danny Jowenko was on Dutch TV and shown a film of the collapse of WTC7. The interviewer knew like most people, Jowenko had never seen the footage.

        After seeing the short clip several times the interviewer asked him, ‘what do you say caused the collapse of that building?’

        Jowenko said, ‘Obviously a controlled demolition’. The interviewer probably now deeply regrets having pressed him several times into repeating that observation, then he revealed that the building came down in New York on 911 late in the afternoon.

        Jowenko, a man with a face one can read like a book, was startled at this and quickly realized he had just told all of Holland, Europe and beyond the 911 mass murder had nothing whatever to do with invisible Arab Kamikaze pilots and everything to do with a controlled demolition by INSIDERS.

        A few days later he was killed in a mysterious single vehicle car crash.

        • FudgyDumpz

          So the building was allowed to burn for 8 FUCKING HOURS without the extensive network of demolition explosives being compromised, in the presence of news cameras, NYPD, FDNY, FBI, CIA among others, and was then finally demolished in the presence of untold millions of witnesses 8 FUCKING HOURS LATER, and then Silverstein accidentally “admits” to it on national TV, is that right? And this guy who died in a car accident 10 YEARS AFTERWARDS is proof of a conspiracy?

          • Floda

            Yes and Yes, once more, it is called mass murder in plain sight, covered up by a venal mainstream media owned by America’s unspeakably hostile elite, who use their control of it as a General would use his Army and his Artillery.

            The ‘guy’, who died 10 years later, Danny Jowenko, was Europe’s leading expert on how to demolish large buildings. He died days after telling the entire World on Dutch TV, that WTC 7 was, ‘obviously brought down by an excellent controlled demolition’, he was a casualty, one of many bumped off by the 911 perps to shut other experts in the field up.

            The real 911 perpetrators, not the invisible to CCTV Arab Kamikaze Arabs of of the official 911 Fairy Tale, are behaving much like Bolsheviks after the 1918 so called, ‘Russian’ revolution, ie. their, ‘Murder Inc’, pals murder to scare/terrorize the populace into shutting up.

            You might want to go and look to see who those bastards were, because history tends to repeat itself, and, ‘Money never sleeps’. Around 8 Million Ukrainians got a very rough end of the pineapple in the early 1930’s.Their killers direct descendants now infest America, and they have plans for Americas (temporary) White majority.

      • Carl Anon

        Your handle is ‘FudgyDumps’. Enough said.

      • daytrip

        Several people, including Giuliani himself, gave away the plot on video. You can Google it. It’s called “research,” which you badly need to do.

  • olmeckitty

    $2.3 trillion.. now it all makes sense.

    • blondewbrains2

      Don’t forget the gold below…. there’s all kinds of things this act accomplished

      • Floda

        There was an account of one woman who worked in one of the WTC Towers had determined she was going to go to her office very early that day. At around 4.30 Am she arrived to find large Military Trucks there with armed men in Black uniforms standing guard while others were loading what she felt was Gold Bullion into the Trucks. Her female intuition kicked in she had a bad feeling something was wrong, so she turned around and went home.

        • 505

          BS. 100% absolute nonsense.

  • kit

    For those who want to see the full evidence that 9/11 was a government staged attack watch ‘loose change’ an amazing film highlighting the many flaws in the whole 9/11 incident, from missing cctv footage which would confirm a plane into the pentagon, to named ‘suicide bombers’ apparently flying the doomed planes who are still alive!! A very interesting watch xx

    • 505

      Loose Change is by far the biggest pile of nonsense out there about 9/11. Only complete idiots believe in that sad excuse of a “documentary”. Try “screw loose change” instead, it completely shreds that silly Dylan Avery crap to pieces.

    • FudgyDumpz

      You mention Loose Change as if it is some new, underground, Earth-shattering documentary, when in reality it has been thoroughly debunked over and over again since it was released 10 years ago. It started as fiction, gained ground as fact and was re-cut 4 times.

      Dylan Avery himself said this: ““In my truly angry times, in 2005 or 2006, if you asked if the Bush administration planned the attacks, I would have said, ‘Fuck yeah’.” But now? “I don’t think Bush could plan a bowl of cereal,” he says.

      Read this interview with Dylan about how he feels about making Loose Change: http://www.vocativ.com/usa/us-politics/rapid-rise-fall-dylan-avery/

      • Victor

        “I don’t think Bush could plan a bowl of cereal,”

        Darth Cheney / Donald Rumsfeld….they on the other hand planned themselves and their families the same kind of financial legacy the Bush family got from their association with Adolf Hitler.

        In two generations a Cheney or Rumsfeld will be US President.

  • boopdaddy

    wag the damn dog………………

  • Robina

    What do you say to those people that believe that “the moon doesn’t exist”?

  • dexter malloy

    The only question is when your faggy right wingers are finally going to shut their dirty mouths and take up arms. After decades of listening to this crap about protection from the state i’m sure i can p!ss i ntheir wive’s faces and they’d say thank you rather than fight. 100% fraud puss!es.

  • f4xtrafn

    You forgot to mention the 5th and most important reason. These people are just plain dumb.

  • Billhook

    My best memory of that day is of a BBC report of the Philidelfia crash – that was the one where the coroner later remarked that
    *Within 20 minutes of arriving on site I knew that whatever else it was, it wasn’t the site of an airplane crash.”

    The BBC’s reporter, standing in front of a large and mostlly empty scrape in the ground with a light litter of crumpled metal round it, described, rather sheepishly, how he’d been to see one of the planes engines lying over a mile away, but that airoplane engines don’t bounce in a crash . . . .

    Sad to say, this remark seems to have cost him his job, as I’ve never seen him on TV since that day.

    • jeff cole

      What Philly crash? Get your shit right.

  • Friday Rogers

    Guys… Given the current state of technology, what makes you think that the pilots operating the planes were even on board? Do you remember the first report of the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania?
    In their initial report, they said that one of the engines were found six miles away! How is a plane going to lose an engine- unless it was shot off?
    Despite everything that happened and all the ” he said, she said” garbage that went on, you have to look at the outcome of that event. Who was the ” winner ” in that battle?
    Was it Osama?
    Could it have been the American people or their way of life?
    Maybe it was the government and their need to be able to control the people of America?
    Looking at all of the ” policies ” that were made shortly after “911” curtailing the American peoples liberties and the subesquent “agencies” that sprung up… well, I know what I believe.
    I can see who benefited the most from that day. To me, you only need to look at who gained the most that day to figure out who really did the dastardly deed.

    • Floda

      Spot on FR, this forum is riddled with shills seeking to disrupt the discussion but it’s easy to see quite a few newcomers to the 911 deception are waking up.

  • Floda

    In 1989 the owners of the WTC, the New York Port Authority retained a group of Architectural consultants to check out the buildings. Within a week of their six week contract they reported to the owners that the buildings were riddled with ‘galvanic corrosion’. Galvanic Corrosion is corrosion damage created when dissimilar materials are joined by a corrosive electrolyte, it is also called electrolysis.

    The consultants advised that within 12 to 15 years pieces of the skyscrapers would begin falling off into the streets below. Their estimate of demolition cost was $5.6 BILLION in 1989.

    One morning the consultants arrived at their offices in the WTC Towers to find security guards had packed all their files into sealed boxes. They were advised their contract was at an end but they were paid out in full. Politely but firmly the consultants were escorted out of the buildings and it went without saying, no mention of their discovery to anyone.

    A few weeks later one of the consultants was in a restaurant Bar as one of the New York Port Authority guys came in. Both men were waiting for their companions to arrive for an evening meal. The two men shared a drink or two. During their conversation the consultant asked, ‘what are you guys going to do about the problem we discovered?’.

    The Port Authority man replied, ‘I guess we’ll give it ten or twelve years and we’ll just blow the damn things up’. That was a conversation held in 1989. Twelve years later the Port Authority sold the doomed WTC complex to a savvy New York Property developer who insured it for over $7 BILLION.

    The INK on his insurance policies had scarcely had time to dry, when TWO planes hit TWO buildings causing all SEVEN buildings this savvy Property Developer owned to be completely destroyed.

    • Mad Ike

      I would be interested in seeing the citations for this information – no sarcasm intended

  • Simon Cohen

    I guess the news are slow – time for conspiracy theories.

    • jeff cole

      Wait for the Geraldo Rivera Special! Al Capones vault they should hve thrown Geraldo off of TV for life!

  • Cliff Inglis

    First I must tell you that these are just my thoughts and I could be way off beam with my comments. I hope that others can shed some light on this for me.
    The thing that has always been on my mind is, why did Bin Laden have to be killed along with members of his family? Why could he not be bought back to the States to stand trial?
    This could be just me reading something into it that just isn’t there. Perhaps with all the talk about conspiracy you tend to question everything these days.

    • Floda

      Cliff, Right or wrong I probably have had more time than most to follow this World changing deception more than most due to my circumstances. Let me start by saying Osama was in an American Hospital in Dubai several months prior to 911 for treatment of Kidney failure when he was visited by a CIA agent. This is well known and easily verifiable.

      After 911 he issued a very clear statement completely denying any involvement in 911 which was of course, completely ignored by the MSM, but not by the FBI, which I explain below.

      In December 2001 after a long battle with Renal disease he died and was buried in Afghanistan, again the matter was not mentioned by America’s treacherous Media.

      As you may know the FBI has a ‘most wanted’ List of miscreants of all types, what you may not know is, with all the hullabaloo surrounding Osama and 911, is the FBI never ONCE had him on their ‘most wanted’ list. It goes without saying, if they didn’t have him on their list, they would have known very well he had nothing to do with 911.

      If that doesn’t scream, ‘INSIDE JOB’ I don’t know what would.

      As far as his ‘Second Death’ by Seal Team who then quickly dropped the body into the Ocean, if that doesn’t show you what utter contempt the bantamweights in the US Government have for the population nothing will.

      • daytrip

        Yes, and FBI and Gov’t knew he was already dead while continuing to offer him as our target individual right up to the “drama” of watching the Seal Team get rid of the body in the ocean (seriously?) which does not comport with usual Muslim procedures regarding their dead.

    • daytrip

      “bin Laden” was “killed” on video to make it appear that we got the guy behind 9-11. I did not hear that any other family members were killed. He couldn’t be brought to trial because of Bush family financial ties to bin Laden family. They did not want to try him in Court. He didn’t do it. There is evidence that the real bin Laden was dead of his kidney disease even before 9-11 happened. It was reported in a ME newspaper. If you look at photos and videos put out by MSM, you can see different “bin Ladens,” one even wearing a watch when wearing jewelry is prohibited by Islam (as I understand it).

  • HateHaters

    There is no way a group of inept pilots could have flown those planes. Even the one who did pass only flew small planes completely different than a jet. There was no evidence of a plane crashing in Pennsylvania only an explosion. And a jet doesn”t make a perfect hole into a building like the pentagon. Explosive residue was found in apartments whose windows blew that were across the street from the trade center. And about an hour after the planes crashing into the twin towers. A drone flying from WPAFB went out of control and crashed at the Dayton OH V.A. hospital. At first the news reported it and then it changed into a fighter plane escorting Air Force One was overzealous and broke the sound barrier. I grew up about 5 miles from WPAFB OH and heard the sound barrier be broken plenty of times I know what it sounds like. On 9/11 I was 20 miles away from the base and I was outside when all of a sudden there was a loud explosion and the ground shook. That was when the drone crashed. As I said I know what it is like when the sound barrier is broken and the ground never shook.

  • unclesamonmars

    Gosh how I enjoy reading seventh hand B.S. “information” from a bunch of kooks that would say they believe Godzilla was real because so many movies have been made around the story. As long as it gets them some attention from mommy and daddy, they will say they believe it. Just because something can’t be explained to suit you, doesn’t mean there is a conspiracy involved. You don’t know how spark plugs work but you know the physics behind the collapse of the Twin Towers is wrong. I don’t think so.

    • daytrip

      Truth hater?

  • AmeriRod

    There is a 5th reason: They’re paranoid loonies!

  • smalt

    Bush’s, Bin Laden’s..Carlyle Group..Saudi exodus on GWB’s press plane..scary in a weird way.

  • Ed

    The bit that always makes me laugh when “truthers” around any supposed conspiracy ignore some basic facts.

    Around this one, of course assuming that the government blew up the twin towers, the additional building, and attacked the Pentagon with a missile, then you would have to discount all the evidence of the people who saw the planes in the first place, were in the planes, their familes etc. etc.

    Now presuming for one moment that you presume the whole thing was a plot, so the planes were missiles with some sort of technology to make them look like planes, all the passengers were herded elsewhere and murdered etc. – you’d need a cast of literally thousands “in on it” to keep the secret – from airline staff, pilots, air traffic control, crash investigators, families of victims, airport staff, pentagon staff, those who “made and kept secret” the technology, anyone who witnesses anything slight untoward, those who set the explosives, those in high government who knew about it, the entire world mainstream media and television, etc. etc.

    The one time in the USA there was a conspiracy (Watergate) – less than a dozen high officials failed to keep the secret. Remember Clinton and the Intern? Even less people kept that one. How about Irangate? Want some more? So given that no credible evidence has ever emerged (and we live in a different world than the 70s – where keeping a secret is far more difficult due to the advent of technology) – the presumption that somehow this secret has been perfectly kept is utterly ludicrous.

    Generally most of the “truther” bandwagon is actually quite sad and such individuals deserve our sympathy; theories like this appeal to the stupid, in that they give you all the excitement of “knowing” something (and feeling superior) to anyone else, whereas anyone else has actually rationally thought about it and is laughing at them.

    • billy1st

      Dude you ever see a tomahawk missile, has wings and all, and they are huge! That is just one of them that come close to looking like a jet!

    • Daytrip

      Sorry Charlie! Er, Ed.

  • Hugh O’Neill

    What a refreshing article! The most compelling argument in favour of the “inside job” theory is the story behind the Official Inverstigation i.e. the 911 Truth Commission. A bunch of victims’ wives demanded an investigation and were sent to see Henry Kissinger to whom they took and instant dislike. A couple of non-entites were then put “in charge” but the whole perfromance was micro-managed by the sinister Philip Zelikow who in 1998 co-authored a paper entitled “Catastophic Terrorism” in which he postulates what might be the benefits to the US if WTC actually fell and there were lots of casualties. Look it up! This guy is a neo-con with extremely close links to Condi Rice!
    He ran the show just as Allen Dulles did the Warren Commission. Zelikow claims to be a historian but he has close knowledge of the JFK murder and has an unhealthy interest in fabrocating myths. “Go figure”, as they say.

  • Infauxmocracy

    Let’s be clear. The question isn’t whether there was a conspiracy behind the 9/11 attacks, the question is whether the conspirators were led by a fairly wealthy man living half a world away from where the attacks took place OR were led by immensely powerful individuals using the virtually unlimited resources of the U.S. government itself. It could have happened either way. Just don’t call someone a conspiracy nut because it doesn’t distinguish which side of the argument they are on.

  • zlop

    To Globalize Tyrannical Governance, Global Evil Elite did it.
    City of London planned. Saud financed, Mossad demolition experts,
    CIA assisted. Military drone planes were crashed into the WTC towers


    Inside Job? Americans shouldn’t flatter themselves, they can’t even organize a piss up in a brewery. They botched up just about everything else. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Usama Bin Ladin and al Qaeda planned and carried their brilliant attack on 9/11 (with tacit support from Iran, Iraq and the Taliban) well orchestrated by themselves and nobody else. Give credit where credit is due.

    • billy1st


  • spliffm8

    Here is a video where RT flat outs calls 911 an inside job. Have a look at the evidence they provide in the video. Lots of compelling evidence in the video including the fact that the government had many meetings with Al Queda before 2001.

    Straight of the bat i have to point out that we also had lots of meetings with the Nazi’s prior to WW2 – does that mean WW2 was an inside job. Your Logic just doesn’t make sense – your argument is too broad

    You say hundreds of Architects and Engineers – well that doesn’t help because every profession has it’s nutjobs that will believe anything.

    Just look at the amount of intelligent academics that still fully believe in god and good and evil. I mean come on people you actually think the US were able to pull this off so well? find that one hard to believe by itself

    Idiots Idiots Idiots – the lot of you conspiracy idiots – GO back to school and educate yourselfs a bit more

    • billy1st

      Yep domesticated! I can’t not believe this happen by our own Country, yet we have the bay of pigs, Fast and Furious, heck the DHS is even busting old people with Jeeps! Well continue sleeping it is easier on you!

    • Daytrip

      The U.S. did not pull it off so well, Spliff; hence, the clear evidence and search for the Truth. So many blunders, pseudo-science, and the American sheep accepting it and blubbering over it, killing millions of innocent people over it, both here and abroad, for [now] 13 years. And for those in Gov’t and out, who know the truth, including the leaseholder who made billions, may you eventually be found guilty of 9-11 hideous crimes for profit and cover-up. You perpetuate the memory of 9-11, like our famous drag-queen mayor, Giuliani, for personal aggrandizement and political gain/profit. All are criminals, murderers and thieves. You can see Cheney drooling over a new way for Halliburton to profit as he cheer leads for perpetual war. Psychotic individuals who love to watch and hear the boom-boom of destruction enriching bank accounts …war crimes. Disgusting. May their end be prolonged and painful just as is the end of American Life as we knew it. If you had read even the 4 simple facts given by RT, you could not unread them, Spliff. It is true, and it happened. Can’t believe your lying eyes?

      • spliffm8

        Yeah and elvis is alive and well and of course the moon-landings are fake. Not wasting any more time on you or your irrational thought process

  • Doug

    For at least a dozen MAJOR reasons, it was an inside job from the start. I carefully listened to the experts and studied what happened some years ago and came to that conclusion. Dan Rather and a few other mainstream media people started to question what happened and then were suddenly shut up. The mainstream media has been bought and paid for.

  • Doug

    Go to Amazon and order the 9 hour long DVD on 911 conspiracies. You’ll see enough to convince in the first half hour of it. Go to infowars.com. Even many of the conservative radio talk show hosts had to suddenly shut up about it.

  • PastImperfect

    Has anyone explained away the seismic recordings which show large disturbances twelve seconds before each of the planes hit? The 911 Commission Report was unable to (they said it could be as little as 8 seconds), but failed to take the next step and point out that there was prior knowledge of the event.

  • billy1st

    People know what it is about, but it’s a subject that scares the heck out of domesticated people to even think this could happen in this Country! This has to do with an never ending war, no matter what the outcome it will never end! There is a lot involved with this, Like Taxes, military complex, continuation of Government, UN, open borders, and other things including but not limited to the Globalist, Banks, Corporations! What a perfect way to get the people to believe in what they want to have. A never ending war against terrorism! And it worked!

  • Matt

    When I was watching this on that dreadful day I was ready to go back to the army to help fight against terrorism.i was shocked how this could have happened to a country that has the best defensive system in the world,ok it can happen but things were not adding up the more you look at the footage of that day and listen to what some experts have to say about the building the more you realise the truth as yet to be heard.

  • rjnvpn

    Yes, it was an inside job. And no, I do not plan on committing suicide.

  • Los Robles

    Our world is full of sick individuals. They hate their lives and blame the bitterness on everyone and thing except themselves. For each conspiracy theorist you’ll find that sick person I speak. My God, what a pathetic bunch human waste. Too bad they cannot collect on an island unto themselves and devour one another.

  • Caro Ardila

    Inside Job. OBVIOUSLY.